Has Morrissey ever played an instrument?


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I remember him playing around with a guitar in the HSIN-video, but other than that I dont think I´v ever seen him touch one. Does anybody know if he took pianolessons as a kid or something like that? I´m just curious...


Not live, but he played piano part of Death of a Disco Dancer.

He used to play drums.
Actually he contacted audition for a drummer of a band which became Crash.
Mick Jones said that he spoke with Morrissey on the phone, but hasn't met him.
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Morrissey is the best tambourine player I know.


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As a teen he tried out drums, guitar and piano, but didn't have the patience to learn properly and eventually gave up. Johnny tried to teach him some basic guitar skills, to no avail!

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There was one date on the Quarry tour (or was it 2002 tour?) when Moz walked out with Alain's guitar in hand. It looked pretty awkward.
But when he sat behind the drum kit in a candid shot from the Quarry studio sessions he looked pretty comfortable! Couldn't find the latter image when I looked for it last year. Anybody?

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If you pay attention in How Soon is Now? promo vide you'll see Morrissey playing guitar with Johnny's help.

I remember of reading that Morrissey tried to play bass too.
Johnny's trying to place his fingers on the chords. That footage is so precious :guitar:

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I'm sure I read in some stupid book about Moz attempting to play violin during a live version of 'November spawned a monster'... however, endless research fails to confirm this. Anyone else read about that? I think it may have been Rogan's 'book', but not too sure...
I want that shirt he is wearing

he has a bunch like that one. Or rather, he had a bunch like that one. He always ends up tearing it off and tossing it into the crowd in all the Smiths shows I've seen. He must have gone to a thrift store in those days and bought in bulk
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