Has Morrissey ever done a tv commercial?



I remember watching a tv commercial or a performance where Morrissey was ready for a job inteview or something ... So strage... anyway I can't find the video. Anybody knows? :rolleyes:


he has such great hand movements <3

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Not done by Morrissey himself, but promoters of various shows over the years have used his images and music/videos to promote his concerts. As in 15 or 30 second spots on local market TV stations. Not so much recently as far as I can recall, but I've definitely seen ones from years past. I seem to recall seeing one from 2004 "comeback" tour promoting the two shows in Boston.

Edit: Just realized that neither this nor the video in the post below hit on the original question at all, but hope someone found it interesting nonetheless.
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That's probably it. Might have put that in a commercial for the show


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first thing I thought of was brookside.he would only do an advert for animal rights issues.if it was for money he could have made big money on an annual basis because he has a broad appeal amongst many groups of people.
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