has morrissey become deluded?

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In answer to the OP (original post) I suspect we all would be a bit deluded if we had lived a life such as Morrissey's.

It's a bit of a "cast a stone only if you are guilt-free" question though. Who amongst us doesn't delude ourselves at some point in our lives?

The tone of the question/post is a bit smug but it's a fair enough question that we should apply to ourselves first.

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This is exactly the sort of unnecessary, invasive, spurious topic of discussion that prompts rash declarations like that of the t-shirts (which I found to be amusing, as it happens).

'Deluded' is a very subjective (and thereby somewhat dangerous) word to use. Of course, anger at Morrissey's behaviour is justified (he, like us, is just another flawed human after all), but he never strays far from what makes him Morrissey. In the 1980s, for example, he explained that he wanted to bring about the collapse of the music video. You can delve further back in time and read through his letters to Robert Mackie to see that he has always been an unusual character.

So yeah, be frustrated at his activity, but I wouldn't say that it's out of the ordinary or 'deluded'. As for your reasoning (he's never had kids, losing his looks etc), you make very odd claims; the latter especially. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mozzer has always been very open about his feelings regarding age - he's very comfortable with getting older.

Totally unnecessary thread title, balanced on unsupported weird notions.
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