Has anyone ever bought anything from Eil.com?


This site has plenty of what looks like pretty rare Morrissey and Smiths memorabilia at some good and some high prices. Just wondering if anyone has ever actually bought from this site and what they thought of it. Was the delivery good? They have some nice shirts on there which might be good to have.

http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=271155 I wish to God that I had got these !!


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Yes I've bought something from them, service was good, item was exactly as they described etc. I asked for photos and they provided them.

Just watch some of their prices
I've bought off them, never had a problem with them. A lot of their stuff is top dollar but every now & then they throw up the odd bargain.




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I have bought stuff from them and the delivery was quick. Their stuff is also "almost" new and in very good nick - unless otherwise stated. I am pretty sure that they do stock what they are selling (again they would have on their website whether a particular item is in stock or not).
It's just that some of the prices are a bit on the high side!


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I've bought from them too, 95% of their stock is over-priced though, they keep forgetting eBay exists and most of what they carry can be found on eBay if you have patience that is, LOL.

Also try.


They carry tons of Moz stuff from around the globe, :cool:
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