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By CrystalGeezer on Aug 10, 2014 at 8:29 AM
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    1. darkeyelids
      There are some absolutely delusional people on this site.

      The lack of physical material, radio play, television appearances and interviews can hardly be attributed to the *publicly* unsuccessful nature of this album, its all fan service in this day and age.

      In the 80s, 90s and early 2000s? yes all those played a crucial part, but not now they play a very minimal role *in most cases*.

      To be honest, this is an album for Morrissey fans, it doesnt have the capacity to win over a plethora of new fans or reintroduce old fans like YATQ.
    2. Thewlis
      At an enormodome near you in 2015:

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    3. smiler
      rubbish the album isn't the problem. It was excellent
    4. smiler

      hmmmmm so why does Miley Cyrus bother with those things then if they have no impact?
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    5. Anonymous
      That's a brilliant picture, excellent work; but it kind of brings it home to me how sad it would be to see them all reform.
      Looking at that just does not fill me with anticipation or excitement, just a kind of sadness at the passing of time.
      I don't want to listen to Smiths albums and be reminded of the time they reformed and they all looked really old and uncomfortable around each other and Morrissey said some terrible things about the others and it all ended acrimoniously again and all we got was some not-as-good-as-they-used-to-be performances of the old songs and the cynical aftertaste of people you once looked up to doing absolutely the wrong thing purely for monetary gain....
    6. Anonymous
    7. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      If the criterion for commercial success was it was excellent he would still be with Harvest. Instead its excellence is purely subjective, while its success is measured, very precisely, in Pounds Sterling.
    8. Anonymous
      If this is the only option for Morrissey - to get back with Marr - then he/they should follow the brilliant Grant McLennan/Robert Forster example. The Go Betweens split around the same time as The Smiths, but McLennan and Forster - while putting out great solo albums themselves - also performed here and there together throughout the '90s as "Forster and McLennan".
      They eventually reformed The Go-Betweens (with new band members) in the early 2000s and released some absolutely wunderbar albums/singles that were as great as anything they did in the '80s (which was pretty pretty pretty great itself).
      Unfortunately, McLennan died of a heart-attack and it was all over, but I always thought their example of still performing together and always maintaining their artistic brilliance was so great and a beautiful antidote to the cliched band splitting up and never speaking again acrimony bullshit that The Smiths and so many other bands have gone through.

    9. No1uno
      This is very interesting, so other than rough trade, he has been fired from every job (label) he has had?, really, every label. And he has talked bad about each one during and after he left? I could be corrected on this but it's my overall impression. You can't do that in my career, it's a big profession but a small world. When looking at new ones, I listen for that and they are red flagged and ignored. Come to think of it, who can get away with talking poorly about every employer they have had and get another offer.

      Question. Over the years, I have heard a lot of negative talk about labels from Moz. Has any label of Moz talked shit about him?
    10. Thewlis
      Well, I don't honestly think it will happen either, certainly not with Joyce around, but there is a generation or two of music lovers around who have never seen The Smiths and who would die to hear a full Smiths-set done by Morrissey and Marr. And I think these two still have it in them to produce magic together, so it doesn't necessary have to be the bleak scenario you're picturing.
    11. No1uno
      Although I like the sentiment, it's morrissey's job to keep me happy, not the other way around. I'm the one spending my money, he the entertainer, the hired.
    12. darkeyelids
      Err i don't think you can compare the marketing tactics of a former teen pop star who has automatic radio play and can sell out an arena with little to no effort to that of Morrissey but nice try.
    13. BrummieBoy
      I'm in a "train heave on to London" situation to see Arsenal vs Man City with the BrummieGooners.

      Last night: Robert Plant at Glastonbury Abbey was AWESOME!!!Wonder if Nonesuch will take Morrissey on?

      This development was inevitable once Morrissey refused to be a Corporate Rock Whore Tour Bus Prison Bitch- why did he sign the deal?
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    14. No1uno
      I have thought about this myself. I think the only thing that will really increase the value would be his passing.
    15. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Morrissey owes you nothing, he did not force you to spend any money on his music.
      Your choice, take it or leave it.
    16. Anonymous
      Maybe after he posted that boozed-up nonsensical rant at true-to-you about meat consumption being responsible for downed airliners and Harvest not harvesting videos he (in his infinite wisdom) drunk-dialed management at Harvest! Of course he won't remember doing any of it, drunk as he was, and will most surely post another rant saying his departure from Harvest came out of nowhere and for no reason, then ramble on about Prince William and how his eating meatloaf is why the Ukraine is in turmoil.
    17. marred
      This has to be one of the most bizarre statements yet. Unless it's a joke. Is it a joke? If it is I apologise. If not, then i don't know what to say.
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    18. Anonymous
      Why? Morrissey is an entertainer. It is his job to entertain. Unless you think he's some sort of precious artist, in which case grow up.
    19. marred
      More wisdom from the oracle... yawn.
    20. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      For some reason I always picture you with a white stick.

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