Harvest ends contract with Morrissey - TTY

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By CrystalGeezer on Aug 10, 2014 at 8:29 AM
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    1. CrystalGeezer
      Soz, I'm not doing your homework for you. :cool:
    2. joe frady
      joe frady
      So ~ Dead Harvest; I can't find a single word to express resignation and shock and familiarity. The French may have one. The Swedes could surely fill a thesaurus. I was shocked by the statement, and yet...also..'Oh..Hello, old friend...you again?' Yes, there's anger, confusion and deep regret ('and you pass by...and you pass by'), but shot through all is concern for SPM; for his mental, as well as physical, state. 'Autobiography' should rightfully have been titled 'Unlimited Self-Saboteur'; a long-time, self-diagnosed trait which colours everything, always, forever. The fact that he is intricately aware of this flaw, and its effects, instills empathy in me, where some others seem to feel hate, or even ridicule.

      Gloom, not Zoom.
    3. Anonymous
      Hi Moz
    4. joe frady
      joe frady
      Cheers Johnny.

      Fancy a go?
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    5. Anonymous
      Re: Harvest Ends Contract with Morrissey - TTY

      Could your pudwhack cliches be any more banal? There is not going to be a Smiths reunion, of any kind. Not now. Not ever.
    6. Anonymous
      Re: Harvest Ends Contract with Morrissey - TTY


      Morrissey will find another label, in time, and keep releasing new albums for as long as he wishes. You and the vast majority of the Moz haters here hemmed and hawed for years about how Morrissey would never get another record deal or release another album after YOF, then had to eat your shoes when the man did both.

      And not only that, but he releases an epic 18-song masterpiece that is his best work in 20 years. So you can eat your socks along with your next pair of shoes now, as well.
    7. Tbevie
      Re: Harvest Ends Contract with Morrissey - TTY

      I was a bit bored the other night so I went back and re-read some of the comments in the 'Leak World peace is none of your busness here' thread in the downloads section. And it really brought back all of those wonderful memories of the night the album leaked. All of that excitement and expectation and the sheer joy of listening to it for the first time.

      Thinking back I wish I had savoured it a bit more, because I fear it might be the last album for a while.
    8. Anonymous
      This is, unfortunately, the precise (and, perhaps, sole) reason why there will never be a reunion of Marr with Morrissey. Morrissey has spent such a long, long time surrounded by people who do as they're bid that Morrissey could not now bear to work with somebody of equal status. And, for that matter, I doubt that Johnny Marr would tolerate Morrissey, these days.

      In 1987, Marr refused to continue working with Morrissey because, personally and professionally, Morrissey was an arsehole. With the passage of time, he's only got worse.
    9. johnadjusted
      Maybe the "stay on the path" way he has lived has been harder on Morrissey than most, who might have threw in the towel by re-inventing themselves every 5 years. I think imo he now understands his stance is too hard to bear as the world slowly degrades into the pit he was always trying to show us, that it is & now as things are as bad as can be... Where does he go?, who does he turn to?.How can i keep finding different ways of relating real life stories & expect fans & critics to feel each story is unique? Not that he gives shit what a critic thinks of him or his music, but he still has to feel competitive. Because he has kept true to his beliefs at least, he now knows things will never be anything like he was fighting/writing for.

      He famously said "Its very easy to be controversial in pop music, because nobody ever is... That statement alone made the spot-light all the brighter, but not in the way he would have seen it. Living itself is a daily battle for him, so there was always a row to be had with somebody or about a worldly topic. But after say 44 years of fighting what difference did it make? aw haw haw-oh! It made none... Zilch, He knows now his plight is more solo than ever before. Either he can use the machine thats oiled to well for him to be part of & dig deep or he's in a dead-end & cannot be bothered to find his way out... Because what is he believing in, to fight for?...

      The world has become dregs of rich pilfering, mass murder, homelessness & political corruption using war for billions in profits. Its got away from all of us. The message is swamped in a quagmire of a paradox. So i am not trying to say Morrissey is just realizing this now, i'm saying even he must be wondering is anything bad i'm pointing out getting any notice at all or are there so many reviews now that some of the so-called critics we're calling his lyrics laughable on probably one of his most musical, lyrically diverse, opinion separating albums? An album that asked why are we not tired of being lied to by our own governments in our own country? Why do we accept a country selling arms to another country to profit & kill thousands of children? Why do we laugh now at important things now when we should be asking why should only poor & middle class people go to jail? We should at least fight for our right to ask where all our hard-earned cash is gone. That is no laughing matter & neither is kids legs being blown off in the Ukraine... He nailed it on the head because, for sure World peace is none of our business.

      Personally i hope he gets back to writing funny, dour, sad & most of all outspoken vignettes, because he is probably the best ever there is/was at it. Also Morrissey being more outspoken & throwing monkeys into wrenches (figure of speech of course) seems to be met with apathy & sneering but mostly ignorance for asking who & why.
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    10. johnadjusted
      Fair enough but you or I have more chance of winning the lottery... with the same numbers, than that cure!... imo.:)
    11. Belligerent Ghoul
      Belligerent Ghoul
      Your entire post was rather gorgeous. Some critics have said about "World Peace..." that Morrissey looked past his navel, he gazed into the World and lost the plot. When you say "funny, dour, sad" do you mean more introspective songs - and less extrospection?
    12. johnadjusted
      Thanks:) To try even explain: I understood how alone he was/was feeling when i got to grips with "Speedway". The best ever song he has written for me. Not because of the lyrics as such, but the painful honesty in its presentation & admitting his failures & asking why he was so hated by the music press for being himself. But forgiving & forgetting also. I think most popular on songs 'Vauxhall are where i'm getting at & could be back 'with ready wit' about quirky & plain fuckheads, & general sad but relative storys...

      The Smiths 'I Know its Over' is probably one of the most sad saying good-bye while begging Mum for help & clinging onto life while contemplating several ways to commit suicide. Each Smiths main albums got better each time imo.

      No, TBH i think we have heard enough about his grudges with judges etc, but they were great at first, both Smiths & solo. I have to admit i didn't see WP coming & it may turn out as go to as Southpaw. I just hope he lives up to this fiasco & roars back on stage, but i'm feeling a bit lost in regards to whats going on with him lately... Its like he puts one foot forward (or in it) then takes three back... But as you know yourself it is Morrissey so who knows whats going to be the next step?...
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    13. Stoned
      What about Parlophone ? Love their Logo.....

      Cheers Moz
    14. Anonymous
      i do miss some of the just out right funny songs but understand that world peace probably isnt that funny a subject
    15. johnadjusted
      Nowhere Fast is a timeless piece... I really think Morrissey was at his apex during Meat & Queen in regards to hitting bullseyes, figuratively speaking.:eek:

      Regarding everyday world peace Its a close guarded secretive subject, with more than enough corruptive red tape to think things will never improve.
      These be really dark times the past few generations have endured. It will combust sooner rather than later...
    16. BrummieBoy
      You should have thought about that before buying a ticket to the 02
    17. BrummieBoy
      And sparked your cult leader's fury. LOL!
    18. Anonymous
      i definitely want less introspection and more extroverted perspectives myself. a man of his age is probably muych more focused on the world at large than himself at this point and i guess i just find those songs to be more clever and less resting on vague emotional vicarious sympathy.
    19. johnadjusted
      I will be there as i was in sep'91 when it was the Point Depot (or was it Theatre?) as long as things go to plan.
      But I wouldn't put my house on it actually occurring... Hopefully.

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