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Really looking forward to tonights gig. I was there in '99 (I think it was?). The Borough Hall is a fantastic, intimate little place for a WILD!! Mozza concert!!

Wondering if any locals knew of a decent place for pre drinks. I know the Borough Hall in on the headland and quite a distance from the centre so ideally a place on the headland close to the venue


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Hey! there are quite a few pubs on the headland, I think the Cosmopolitan is the closest to the Borough hall though, it's just on the corner of the street. The Harbour of Refuge (Pot House) is a local favourite and is over the road from the sea! The Globe is also a good one but i'm not too sure of directions! All pubs are within about 5 minutes walk of each other, and locals are friendly enough to ask!

Sorry for the half an answer but hope it sort of helped!! x
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