Harry Styles wears Morrissey in 2022/23 tour footage

From MOZZER1997:

Just today noticed Harry Styles in MOZZER tour shirt from his recent 2022/23 world tour


Harry Styles - trying to appear vaguely interesting.
lol do you really think a bloke who can sell out 2 nights at Wembley Stadium and sells millions of records really needs to wear a Morrissey T Shirt to appear interesting.
So you equate money as success and this ‘success’ automatically makes one interesting?


Did I say he was interesting to me? He is however clearly interesting to the millions who buy his records and attend his gigs.

I did not say that he was interesting to you.

Yes, and how sad are those millions that think that.
Lol. because to some, that line of thought is strange. You either get it or don’t. Sorry, you don’t.

Don't talk to me, no
About people who are "nice"
'Cause I have spent m ywhole life
In ruins
Because of people who were "nice"
What line of thought is that? Surface said that styles has done good for himself since leaving One Direction.
He writes, sings, plays guitar, plays the piano and also appears in films so yes he's an artist.
You’re having a discussion with a black-clad 15-year-old. Or so it seems.
Because he left the band to become a solo artist and has had an incredibly successful career.

And not just left the band - he left an incredibly popular band to start a solo career, which is very, very risky, in that lots of people who leave very popular boy/girl groups don't always end up being mega successful in their own right (e.g. Geri Halliwell).
I did not say that he was interesting to you.

Yes, and how sad are those millions that think that.

I don't think he's very interesting either, he doesn't have natural crisima, it's like he wears crisima aftershave. He had a lucky break on the X Factor, and now he is doing well for himself. He was a heart throb for teens in One Direction. A lot of pop stars get leapt upon, like Billie Ellish (an even worse artist in my opinion). I just feel they have cold eyes and not much to give, they perform and look the part and do it quite well. They are not born artists, and not original.

To be honest here… I think Harry has released some pretty decent pop songs.
I’d struggle to name one, but from what I’ve heard on the wireless and the television set,
It’s bloody decent pop music.

I am not fan o
From MOZZER1997:

Just today noticed Harry Styles in MOZZER tour shirt from his recent 2022/23 world tour


I am not a fan of Harry's Music, my daughter is, but at least he is a world-class pop star.
Unlike Robbie Williams, who only started getting into M's music at age 30, some say to try and get in with the Los Angeles audience and to seem credible, he tried it with Bowie, Liam and Mercury, as well. It failed.
Harry is fecking huge in the USA and the rest of the world
A friend of my wife lives in Beachwood, Los Angeles, and there is a Cafe there that gets Harry's fans going, week in and week out, because he mentioned it in a song. This is M-style fandom
Hary has done this by putting out good products, he can sing and dance and he does write some of his own lyrics and songs, unlike Robbie who used to pretend he wrote stuff that Guy Chambers wrote.
Harry is also quite a good actor and is welcome in high-fashion. In some ways Harry is a light entertainment version of David Bowie.
I am not a Robbie hater, I think he did well for himself, but I always thought his music was bad and his gigs were fecking shit. It's better to have a world-class pop star like Harry coming from the UK.
My daughter once joked, that rather than Moz Angeles, LA should be called Los Styles. Her claim is Harry sells way more tickets than M there and has more clout, I did a LOL but after looking into it, she was fecking right. He sold huge venues on his last USA tour, including a 15-night residency at the massive KIA Forum, in Los Angeles. M could not have done that at any stage of his career solo career. I love M and am not attacking him and do not care about the size of venues but if you are gonna have someone wear your t-shirts, you can't do much better than Harry these days
I am not a fan of Harry Styles, but it is definitely encouraging to see young artists still taking an interest in Morrissey when it is more « fashionable » to just dislike Morrissey because of his opinions. Moreover, Harry Styles appeals to a large crowd. His show in Belgium last year really got a lot of media attention, and apparently there were people camping out there 24 hours before the concert just to make it to the frontline.
Harry Styles apparently likes to play with gender fluidity, something Morrissey also did in his earlier days.
Harry's last album ended up pretty high in the critics' 2022 end of year polls. Even made the NME top 20. It's best to be open minded about these young pop things but at least one of his songs
e.g. this one
is awful.
Thought his first single, Sign of the Times, was pretty good though.
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