Harry Hill on Moz impersonation

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Isn't he gorgeous !!
In Decembers Q mag containing the new release review, there was an interview with comedian Harry Hill. He was asked if Morrissey was upset by his 'Stars In Their Eyes' performance of This Charming Man. His answer was quite interesting:

"He shouldnt be; my rendition was pitch-perfect. We actually had to get permission from him to use the song and we did. I received a fax that said "yes, good luck, Morrissey". I have no idea whether he has seen it, but I did bump into Mike Joyce on a train and he said "you got the trousers right"

Alan Partridge

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Didn't Morrissey see this when he was on Jonathan Ross a few years ago? I think Ross showed it to him and Moz sat there with his fingers in his ears wincing (sp). :rolleyes:
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