Harry Hill has just sang I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris on TV Burp just now

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I just posted this in the 'Strange/unexpected...' thread. It made me laugh into my tea. :lbf:


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I have this recorded on the HD recorder, but I have no idea how to get it and butcher it for Youtube. Will a kind user be able to bung it on Youtube?



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I saw it too, loved it. :lbf:
Noone with me knew why I got animated as soon as it started, but nevermind. :thumb:


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Twas too funny!
I was trying to cook and i flaming burnt myself, I was that suprised, :lbf:


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I had to contain my laughter when it came on, because nobody else would have had any idea what was so funny. I was just in the room minding my own business while my family were watching it, and I almost had a heart attack when he suddenly started singing it. Completely unexpected!


Yes it caused a great deal of merriment amongst my children.

They thought Harry's rendition was better than my usual one. I was actually singing Paris while I was washing up earlier and they kep telling me "God mum why do you have to sing such crappy songs....":( and we all know there's only thing worse than mum singing and that's dad dancing.:rolleyes:


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I saw this too. It was most unexpected adn quite funny! This on a day when I was watching a repeat of Only Fools and Horses (The one where Rodney goes out with a 'posh sort') and 'Ask'. Comes on in the Cafe in the Background.

I must sort out this Moz obsession - Im finding him everywhere!


TV Burp

Shockingly everyone forgot to mention Stewart. :eek:

Look forward to watching his show tonight.

Incidentally Harry Hill's TV Burp repeat (he sang Paris) also will be on. ;)

Do you know haw far into the programme that bit was by any chance?


Harry Hill

I didn't watch TV Burp on Saturday, but according to people who were watching it reported around 8:20pm.
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