Morrissey Central "Harlem Apollo, NYC" - residency / gigs / Album release in March (Dec 30, 2019)

In May 2004 Morrissey played a week of sold-out concerts at the famous Harlem Apollo in New York City. In response to invitations to do another one-week residency in Harlem for May 2020, Morrissey has said he would be delighted to return.
Morrissey's new studio album I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN is set for worldwide release on Friday 13 March 2020. The album was recorded in France with producer Joe Chiccarelli, and is a collection of eleven new songs.
Concerts are also planned for Russia.



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Russia, eh? Where else on earth is there that he can't squeeze a few quid out of, where they may be unaware of his bigotry? All about the money - it always was, and it still is.

Guess there's only you Pete that's worried about all o' that 5hite (bcos it's utter 5hite) ...maybe bcos you invested so much of your dole money, then had a hissy fit which ended in tears, so you feel hard done by? Shame. Never mind.

You still following Westlife these days? Are they still touring & squeezing your dole? You ok with that one?
Anyone have more on the possibility of another Apollo residency?

Any in-the-know Harlemite care to spill those beans?

i am not a dog on a chain info
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