Happy Martyr - "Christmas Kisses" video, featuring Boz Boorer

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By mcrickson on Dec 3, 2012 at 6:15 PM
  1. mcrickson

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Discussion in 'Other Music archive (read-only)' started by mcrickson, Dec 3, 2012.

    1. Amy
      It's so bad, I can't help wondering if the whole thing is a joke. No-one could take this tosh seriously.
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    2. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Goodness, I always thought The Streets were dreadful, but this is horrible. Who is that singing with Boz? He's well 'ard isn't he?

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    3. Amy
      I can think of one redeeming feature. Kate's dolls :D.
    4. mcrickson
      Happy Martyr is Boz's cringeworthy side project with 'rapper' Alex Lusty. I feel like now I have to offer my sincere apologies for introducing you to them.
    5. modrevolve
      At least Boz isn't forced to dress up as Mrs. Claus.
    6. Sally Y-Brown
      Sally Y-Brown
      I seem to be in the minority, but I like it!
    7. Anonymous
      Compare the quality of this to what Johnny Marr's currently producing, and weep.
      What must Morrissey be thinking?
    8. billybu69
      "to many mince pies will make you sick, father christmas is diabetic...." How do they not know? I mean Boz has been in this game a long time, perhaps all the prides gone.
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    9. Amy
      I'd love to see a video of Morrissey's reaction to hearing this for the first time.
    10. Pokey
      I imagine something like:


      It seriously is pretty much the worst thing in the entire world, not limited to music.
    11. Tammy Waynette
      Tammy Waynette
      hahahahahahaha. :lbf:
    12. Anonymous
      Nice music - sounds like it could have been a Moz track...
    13. icedglass
      No, I'm sorry, when was the last time Morrissey's guitarist asked you to collaborate with him? What's that? Never. Hmmm, I thought so.
    14. Guernie
      Seems to describe (lyrically) many in America's view of the Christmas season . Greed rules ! At least I didn't hear of anybody dieing in the shopping rush on Friday after Thanksgiving .
      Love the dolls and I think the reaction of both at the end of the video is how they view the song . Its a larky song with a bit of the sting of truth .
      Why hammer Boz ? It isn't like this will make him a ton of money . He does it because he LIKES/WANTS to . Merry Christmas !!
    15. mcrickson
      See, that's the thing though - he's best known as 'Morrissey's guitarist.' That's his go-to claim to fame. Yeah, there's the Polecats, but by this point, aren't they just a nostalgia act by the few who caught them the first time around? If Moz hadn't picked him up in the early 90s, not nearly as many people would give a shit. And it's not like he's doing anything close to groundbreaking with this acoustic rap "experiment"; he's strumming standard chords attempting to look intimidating while a homeless middle-aged man shouts bland, poorly-constructed lyrics. Just because he's 'Morrissey's guitarist' doesn't mean his shit doesn't smell. Anyone with a $20 acoustic guitar and a bottle of Jack can do what Happy Martyr does.

      Why hammer Boz? Because it might literally be the most embarrassing song I've ever heard, and he's the guy who wrote "The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils" and "Come Back to Camden." I'm not judging his motives. I'm just saying the song sucks.
    16. Skylarker
      I'd love to add something clever, but you've pretty much said it all.
    17. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother
      Thank you. :) There is now a "Mini Martyr" photo set in my albums* here (see my profile page) and also on Knitted Morrissey's Albums on Facebook.


      (Yes, shameless self-promotion but publicity helps sell* my calendars and raises money for the cats. :thumb:)
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    18. MozAngeles818
    19. King Leer
      King Leer
      Wow, a lot of hatorade for an amusingly grumpy Christmas ditty. Vocals aren't to my taste but the backing music is pretty decent (I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were a demo that Moz never used). Dolls are pretty cool -- got the scowl down.

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