Happy Birthday to Codreanu!


Tharr she blows!
Many happy returns of the day to you!

And I have to add this one because it's wicked!



the sad punk
Gefelicitiflapstaart!!!!! (what? it's Belgian, all that counts ;) )



Tharr she blows!
As that pic was downloading I was thinking 'that man's head looks abnormally small...I wonder what this has to do with Cod's birthday' and then I saw the cake and I laughed/snorted so hard. At least I get some mirth from my slow connection. :D


the sad punk
the man in the picture I posted above
well, seems cod hasn't been here yet to see how much we are all celebrating over him, but i'm sure he will just be delighted to see that such festivities abound!


That guy with cake looks very scary! I mean think about it, you are opening the houses door, turning the lights on and see this big naked guy with a cake in his hands singing "happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew..."! I'd turn the lights off and run away from the house...(or I'd shoot him :))
Anyway, i wish you a happy birthday Codreanu, without naked bakers.. :D


Tharr she blows!
Maybe it's not a cake...maybe his genitals have been horribly mutilated by an angry house wife.


Open Your Arms
I can only imagine Codreanu would be celebrating tonight, but when you do log on, happy birthday to you sir/madame!


pirate wench
go cod, it's your birthday.. we're gonna party like it's your birthday..

(okay, i'll stop myself there ;) )


Happy Birthday! You made it through another year. Congratulations on that and hope the next one is even better.


the one he left behind

Happy birthday friend!

(if I had Photoshop on this computer, I would have done something a bit more grandiose)


Wow. I've read over this thread now a number of times, w/ each time something more significant to remark, only to stammer at last upon an ever more concentrated, diminutive, and dumb "THANK YOU". How boring, but however plumb sincere.

Especial thanks to no one in particular for positing this Birthday thread, this enduring stroke to my Leonine ego; to wolve's best-wishes (which makes me, not suspicious, but just a little, um, glad to not have to hide my "post-steroidal physique" behind a cake!); and to dallow for... well, at least you tried (j/k, friend, I loved it)!!
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