Happy Birthday Moz


oh my, yes
In honor of Morrissey's birthday, I did a terrible karaoke version of 'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get' tonight at a local watering hole. Thank goodness he'll never hear how I butchered it! :tears:
Still, it was well received and I did get applause when I mentioned it was the Mozzer's birthday.
Feliz Cumpleaños, darling!


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Birthday Suit w/Bandage



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Dear Mr. Morrissey,

Still handsome and witty and still the most inspiring man I can think of on this


Hope you had a good one and this coming year is better
than the last.

Morrissey is so much more than people believe and so much less
than he thinks he is.
Morrissey is the epitome of poetic justice.
Morrissey is the perfect juxtaposition on the emotional grid
between agony and ecstasy.
Morrissey is a handsome erudite gentleman.
Morrissey keeps his nails clean.
When I sleep, sometimes I see him in a dream.

I wish I could see you but I am so far away.
Anyway all the best.
heaps of love and peace


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My darling Morrissey, love of my life, Belated Happy Birthday!
I'm in Germany right now. The 22nd I had just got here and I didn't have an Internet connection, but I got a bit drunk and I cried and I wished you Happy Birthday that night and I sang How Soon Is Now and I thanked you for changing my life so deeply with your existance. I love you forever...
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