Happy Birthday Moz


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Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyy..

So, drink, drink, drink and be ill tonight..

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Happy Birthday Morrissey :)

I love you now, I love you always.

Hope you have a wonderful day xoxoxoxo


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Happy Birthday M

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Happy Birthday Morrissey! :sweet: 'Cos I really do love you, now does that sound mad?! :)


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Happy Birthday Morrissey, from a bus stop in Barstow where the only 49 I could find was in Plus Gasoline!



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Happy Birthday Moz,
I learned this from you first hand this year (Filmore, Miami) and practiced myself; If you are ill, do not go to work and perform: rest, relax, recover.

Thank you and have a swell new journey around the sun.


ok just one more and we got the 100:p

wow..I'm really tired today...after celebrate my own, private moz birthday night ..body pain..headache..and so on..but i'm able to handle it..so still ill:rolleyes:
hope you enjoyed your day, too:D
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