Happy Birthday Moz

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happy birthday moz my best wishes to you,i love you,you`re the sexiest man alive,i wish you enjoy this day and all the days of your life,with a lots of health,love and happiness,wish you luck with your out coming album and please come back to mexico :)



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Dearest Morrissey,
Happy birthday! Thank you for bringing happiness into my life and making me smile daily. I hope this year is your best one ever. You are adored and treasured and there are truly not enough words for me to explain what you mean to me. Please just know that I thank you and love you.
p.s. Please release more b&w pool pics. I want to see what happens next. ;) *muah!*


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Oh YOU! ;) Look here, it's been about 24 years that you *appeared* in my life. (I really MUST thank John Gunning (a sister if I ever knew one but now he's a famous architect) HE is the one who infected me with ....YOU of course! I wish you a very Happy Birthday. (Someday, we're gonna, "lock eyes" as my late friend Larry used to say.) He passed away in January, but he must've told me about your meeting with him a thousand and one times. It was at The Benson Hotel (not positive of year, sorry.) in Portland. He had flown in from Texas, and upon entering the foyer, he saw you with Boz and Charlie Brown and he said, in his deep slow Southern drawl, "Hello, I'm Larry O'Neal. I'm from Texas and I've just flown five hours to see your show tonight." Apparently you looked at him and said, "Well...you won't be disappointed." Larry continued to talk to Boz and Charlie Brown while YOU held his HAND. He never had it so good. In any case, you will be 49. Or, in spite of the time difference, you ARE 49. My 46th will be on May 29th. I could never express ...ah crap, you KNOW we love you and speaking for myself, I have loved every 24 years of you. "Well, I'm Still Fond Of You..." you get the general idea :cool: Thank you for being your snarky adorable grumpy lovely man. I'm glad you're happy now. Colleen aka iamkali62
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一日三秋 (yírìsānqiū)
Thank you, Morrissey. Have a good one.:guitar:

P.S. I am not a cosmic thingy or a passed-out Japanese guy - I am a stunning creature of unrivaled beauty.;):rolleyes:
(Actually, I am a cosmic thingy.:cool:)
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Virgil Tracy

Good Evening West 'am!
'appy Birthday Fella!

Thank you for everything!


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Happy Birthday! I celebrate this day because I'm so glad you were born, for without your words and music my life would be a crashing bore. Viva Morrissey!
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