Happy birthday Morrissey - Morrissey turns 61 - May 22, 2020


Game Of Death.
Yesterday I was listening and watching Morrissey perform Black Cloud at Festival de Viña del Mar in 2012. It felt like listening to Morrissey for the first time. The way we takes over the stage, his words, his energy, his presence. I got goosebumps.

Happy Birthday Morrissey.
To Me, You Are A Work Of Art.
And I Would Give You My Heart

That's If I Had One...
vina del mar is a great show and great video quality as well,best thing for me is when he throws his shirt,guy grabs it,and that's it,nobody tryng to rip a sleeve off it,very civilised.


Happy birthday my dearest moz. You’re the best of all. I will never be tiered of listening to your beautiful unique intelligent true & magnificent inner & outer voice. Keep on.. I love you with all my heart forever. Thank you for being.


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Happy birthday Morrissey ! I love you and hope you have a really great day !


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Happy Birthday, MOZ !
Your music, your voice and your words are comforting in my mind, body and soul ... oh yeah!
Please come back soon to play in Italy.
Cause without You... I'm just Lost !
You are my light that never goes out !
I love You !
Gosh 11 years ago we paid money
I bought a seated ticket for a mass amount of money on in Ebay on a whim while in Malaga and it was December. Come May 22 I took the train and camped outside Manchester Apollo, I imagine like others. I thought I was going to be seated until I made friends with and old bloke who gave me his standing ticket for my seated one saying "he couldn't hack it". I got a piece of Mozza's 50th birthday shirt that night by tearing it off with my teeth. Trauma makes memories. I was there the second night too.... I met his sister and nephew. Fond memories make haze.


Game Of Death.
the time is 0.54 and its not your birthday anymore.only 364 till your next one.

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I was introduced to Morrissey, by a work mate, in 1991. He played Our Frank at me; whilst I acknowledged how good the song was, I remember saying “He’s getting on a bit isn’t he?”

The folly of youth.

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