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You Are The Quarry will be 20 years old in 2024.

The album sold over 1 million copies.
Sweden #1
England #1*
Ireland #3
Norway #5
Finland #8
Portugal #10
USA #11

As usual, the album was not well received by the UK press, where it was certified as Platinum.
You Are The Quarry was the only album of 2004 that managed four top ten hit singles.
Irish Blood, English Heart #3
First Of The Gang To Die #6
Let me Kiss You #8
I Have Forgiven Jesus #10

There is no commemorative issue planned for You Are the Quarry, which was licensed to BMG UK in 2017 for new release.
BMG did not re-issue You Are the Quarry and have no plans to.

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Having a swipe at a different record label, just for a change?
Down to a few lines
In the back page of a faded annual
Oh but I remembered you 🥀 :cry:

The world's twisted, and adrift of its moorings. These days glories had and shared can still be savoured. A terrific comeback that was. Majestic. Few experience anything like it in their lifetimes. Many great memories were created, to be cherished and to help fend off the ghosties, until proper order is restored! :rose:🌞
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Thought it was number 2 in the UK. Great album though and a fab tour, I went to 4 that years gigs.
yeah, Keane kept it off Number One as per Moz's on biography. Media-wise it was very well received, so much so it was I that was disappointed when I listened to it, as I expected it to be better than I found it to be.
An amazing commercial achievement for an album that, if we're all honest, is a bit rubbish. He seems to have come to a similar conclusion judging by the fact that he hardly ever plays any of the songs live other than the first two singles.
It actually got pretty decent scores from the media (averaging 72 on Metacritic).
I'm not aware that there's ever been an 'England' chart but it didn't reach #1 on the UK albums chart.
I'm fairly certain, however, that it managed his highest ever first week sales (around 70,000) which is an impressive achievement.
Several promotional appearances on tv, large page adverts in the print media, songs played on the radio, so wtf is he on about again? Press coined it a Return to Glory, yet here he is again taking aim at another label and the press. What a spectacular fall from grace we are seeing. He’s a bitter, sad aul bastard now. Really really tragic what he’s turned into. That hardcore fan base is probably double figures now. By hardcore I’m referring to the radicalised who will agree with everything he says and does, in addition to saying every gig or tv appearance is amazing.
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As usual, the album was not well received by the UK press
I call bull. Morrissey was the golden boy making a comeback at the time- it might have got one or two lukewarm reviews, but from my memory most of the press reports were glowing. In fact, in the cold light of day, I think this is a vastly overrated and overpraised album. But it was undeniably a huge hit in the UK and did very well.
Can't believe it's been 20 of'em.
I was waitin' on the day until Quarry came out,
cause it had been awhile since Moz made a record.
I'll tell ya, it didn't disappoint.
They have now made an amendment: "England #2"

Most of the reviews I've looked at are reasonably favourable (eg: 8.9/10 - Pitchfork, Gay Times - album of the month).
The lyrics of some songs and the return from the wilderness aspect seem to irk the more critical.
Possibly the icing on the cake (and catalyst for the Central observation above?):
2/5*s - The Guardian.

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