Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo (12th Feb)


I almost forget that 12th February is the birthday of this site.

Thank you very much David. :)


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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

Happy birthday SoLow. You're older than my little brother.

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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

A very Happy Birthday solo!!! Thanks David for this wonderful site. :bow: :love:


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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo


Many thanks, davidt! :flowers:


Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

I wonder how many people are going to keep bumping this thread by saying "it's not your birthday anymore"? :rolleyes:

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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

or, I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday *vomit*

Anyway, yeah thanks and all that, to "David" who's that? :p Some of you peeps are seriously here way too much if you know who the creater is lol

not hating though, very glad its here. Thanks!


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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

Best thing since sliced bread!

#did you really think we meant, all of those syrupy, sentimental things that we said?#



Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

Congratulations, David!

That was the same caption we put on a burfday cake we served in 2002.

The cake congratulating David had this photo on it. The bakery probably thought the photo was of David. :lbf:

Here's my recollection of the event celebrating the burfdays of James Byron Dean and Morrissey-solo.com:

Speaking of stuffing your faces with cake and lust, the Sweet and Tender Hooligans show I helped put on last night went swimmingly! At around 10 pm the admission counter showed that the venue was 13 people away from being over the capacity limit. SATH were in fine form, and they played "Striptease w/ a Difference" -- hilarious when Jose threw up the playing cards into the crowd ruefully noting "Jack, Ace, Queen, King, no no no no nooo!"

I was very happy to note the warmth so many people felt for David from Morrissey-solo.com. David is too shy for the spotlight, so I promised not to identify him to the crowd.

The cakes were a success -- the edible photo images of Morrissey and James Dean on the cakes were awe-inspiring. Except people were afraid to consume the cake because no one wanted to ruin the pictures. However, a few cheeky monkeys asked me to cut them a slice of Morrissey or give them Morrissey's head (on a plate, no less). I guess that's the closest they'll come to eating Morrissey! Remember top 10 pickup lines in 1996-97 on Ask? "I don't eat my friends, but in your case I could make an exception."

Oh yeah, the connection is that I was very tickled to watch the kids hooking up and practically pollinating on the dance floor. It was kind of like the Californian Smiths with the Mexican Morrissey play your highschool disco but much cooler because people actually mixed, sometimes a bit violently (at one point security had to use mace to break up a brawl. There was a frightening scuffle outside the venue after the show with much histrionic shrieking, shoving, and bottle breaking. It was exciting -- with the heady romance of "Rusholme Ruffians." Romance, violence, sexual exhibitionism, intoxication, and loud Smiths music! If it's not lerv, then it's the bomb that will bring us together. I overheard so many people macking on each other, 30-somethings from San Francisco as well as rockabillied-out teens who probably don't even have a driver's license yet. THe irony of "Unloveable" music leading to regular coupling is delicious.

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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

"Now it's 12 years on"


Thank you David and all the mods......
You do a wonderful job :flowers:


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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

Wow!!!! 12 years!!! Thank you David!!!! I'm so happy to be part of this family... Because we are family, right? :D

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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

Been on here since just before the release of Maladjusted -- very happy to still be coming here on this glorious day I have Years of Refusal in my hands.



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Re: Happy 12th Birthday Morrissey-Solo

was it really? Happy bday then, Solo.
Many thanks to DavidT and all of those who make it possible.
I just wish I had been here longer :o
david t = main goddess solo luv
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