Hand in glove(s)! Morrissey dons protective mitts as he picks up a loaf of bread amid coronavirus lockdown - Daily Mail

Morrissey visiting a bakery today in Cheshire.

Hand in glove(s)! Morrissey dons protective mitts as he picks up a loaf of bread amid coronavirus lockdown (6 photos) - Daily Mail


Taking precautions against the pandemic, and taking inspiration from The Smiths 1983 hit Hand In Glove, the star donned protective black mitts as he strolled.

The legendary singer paired his ensemble with chocolate flared trousers and black heeled brogues.

He accessorised with a chestnut cap and wore some shades on his shirt.

The star is due to start a residency at Las Vegas' Colosseum in June but his performances look uncertain to go ahead in the current COVID-19 crisis.

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Must be back at his Mums at Beechmount whilst COVID 19 in force.
Toast waits for no man.




St Teresa of Avila will see you now
He's getting thinner. Still can't look natural in a pap photo.


Wait until the anti-moz brigade blames every new Corona-virus case in Cheshire on Morrissey for not wearing a mask :rolleyes:

joe frady

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"The star looked focused as he picked up his gourmet bread and returned home"

People wait years to write a line such as this.



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I reckon that is not the California Son. Look at the creepy sociopath Brittish smile and the bad teeth. He doesn't wear a watch. He wouldn't be out without a mask. His pants are not that baggy. He doesn't wear the California Son shoes to go get bread. He doesn't have a mullet. Both him and the California Son Junior are home in Malibu. Look at the California Son Junior's social media accounts. They are all current photos of Moz Angeles. You people and "the daily mail" are sick to set up a fake photo op of a 60 year old man that hates you and your country. I reckon I hope he really sues the "daily mail" with his high powered Beverly Hills attorneys. I reckon I prefer the real California Son chipper curry scozer twat tit c*** tossey inn nn nnnn nnn nn nnnn nn nnnn nn nn nn nn nn n n n it.

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