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    Noel Gallagher's Greatest Picks - Mojo

    The Smiths
    Hand In Glove

    The Smith's dark, swooning debut single heralded the arrival of the band that would blow the mind of our guest editor when he heard them on the radio at the age of 17.
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    1. Uncleskinny
      Here's the page in question from the magazine...


    2. Anonymous
      Another item so-low stole from Morrisseysworld?


      for Smiths and Morrissey fans with intelligence and style.

      Solow for angry playground bullies.
    3. Uncleskinny
      Oh the irony!!! Since you nicked my scan of both this page AND the Gannon stuff immediately as it was posted here. You're an idiot. Are you going to say that YOU took those scans? AND the Guardian story. Minutes after they all were posted here. You are a troll, and a bad one at that. Just like you did with the Observer scan.

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    4. Anonymous
      If it appeared in Mojo magazine first, how can it have been stolen from your website, Cretin?
    5. Uncleskinny
      Look fuckwit. How was your attention drawn to it? Posted here. Where did that picture originate? With me, this afternoon. You nicked it, and put it on your site. You are a ridiculous tit of a human, and your thievery is transparent. Did you take the time to take the scans, optimise them, and host them? No. I did. And you nicked them. So go fuck yourself and your shitty, shitty second hand arsewipe of a site.
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    6. Anonymous
      Suck my hairy ballbag Unclescanner. Morrissey's World is twice the site SoLow is.
    7. Anonymous
      What does that even mean?
    8. Anonymous
      Please ban this person's domain.

      I am tired of the constant spamming for that other website.
    9. Uncleskinny
      In progress. Thanks.
    10. Guernie
      Love how Gallagher describes the song and The Smiths. He offers great insight. "Moz is the most literate man to write words to music" so very, very true !

      Agree with banning the troll that pumps morrisseyworld at every chance. It's getting old !
    11. celibate
    12. Amy
      Johnny made a guest appearance on their album "Heathen Chemistry" in 2002 and performed a cover version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" with them a couple of years earlier:

      He's also played live with them on tour a couple of times. It's quite sweet to see Noel playing guitar next to his teen hero! :guitar:
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