"Hand In Glove" #10 in Rolling Stone's "The 100 Greatest Debut Singles of All Time"

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#10 "Hand In Glove, The 100 Greatest Debut Singles of All Time - Rolling Stone


“To me, the two-minute-ten-second single was power,” Morrissey told Rolling Stone in 1986, recalling his prefame days of obsessive music fandom. “It was blunt, to the point.” The Smiths proved themselves masters of the form right out of the gate. With its striking fade-in intro, slashing drums, reel-’round-the-cemetery harmonica, and Johnny Marr’s searing jangle, “Hand in Glove” was an anthem of loneliness and disaffection that touched a communal nerve, launching an astonishing run of U.K. hits for the band. As Morrissey recalled in his memoir, “The release of ‘Hand in Glove’ told me, at least, that I existed.” J.D.

Roger O

My nephew who worked for Google said Rolling Stones website is leaden with hackers. Don't click around too much.


I have to admit too that HIG has never been my favourite Smiths song. I like it - but I don't love it. Much prefer Charming Man or What Difference. This Charming Man with Jeane as the b-side is the greatest gift The Smiths left to the world - period. Pop music as high art.
Well put.

Moz Fan

Am I alone in thinking Hand in Glove is actually a bit duff?
The line 'the sun shines out of our behinds' is just awful.
Ever caught yourself whistling the melody? Nope, thought not.
A half decent b-side at best.
'The sun shines out of our behinds' is just beautiful.


New Membrane
When Hand in Glove came out it was played on every dance floor in NYC. It seemed like years to me before Charming Man came out. Hand in glove is the Smiths anthem. It stands alone even in even in the Smiths catalogue.


Sister I'm a Poet

If the body were not the soul, what is the soul?
"launching an astonishing run of U.K. hits for the band". Not exactly! They never cracked the Top 10! Should read "an astonishing run of U.K. singles for the band"

Roger O

I was there in art school with a minor in dance floors. Danceteria, Area, Xenon opened close to Studio 54 to compete. The Pyramid Thursday nights Ivan Ivan DJed. He was the best. He produced DEVO one album. I worked for Stephen Sprouse out of College. We FIT students got in free everywhere. You should have seen us. I was Fine Arts there. Its best not to get me started. Grace Jones who I met a couple of times told me I always look good. I was 18.

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