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Ok funny question erm I'm buying a Electric Guitar today to learn how to play it I get the jist of it but which site is best for learners to get THE SMITHS and MORRISSEY elec guitar tabs cos I'm planning on learning every song and me and my mates from work that like the smiths/morrissey starting a tribute band we have a base player and drummer im gonna learn guitar and I'm singing :D


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why dont you just google em and make ur own mind up? i take it your planning on forming this band in a few years?? cos if u cant even play guitar yet it will take that long to bo good enuff to play most of marr's riffs!

oh and "base" is actually spelt "BASS"


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Ok smart arse ive been up since 5am spelling isnt actually on my mind atm and yes in the next few years im already formed it cos im the singer we just need a guitarist but we dont know many people that like morrissey to play for us

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I think a lot of the tab sites have disappeared havent they?


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As far as individual songs go, Jeane seems pretty easy.


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I use a lot and have found it to be very helpful and (mostly) accurate.

The Smiths selection isn't very good (unless you're a bass player) but there are quite a few Morrissey guitar tabs.
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Yes, some sites have closed, but after a while some of them have opened again. is good, I use which finds links to any kind of tab/chords sites.
I like also two guitar programmes: Guitar pro and Power tab editor, the tabs made using these two programmes are definitely the best, as they usually have all tabs of all the instruments and are quite accurate.

But for a beginner is easier using chords, at least I began this way.
If you have questions, you can PM me or write here.
Hope this helps.

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why dont you just google em and make ur own mind up? i take it your planning on forming this band in a few years?? cos if u cant even play guitar yet it will take that long to bo good enuff to play most of marr's riffs!

oh and "base" is actually spelt "BASS"

I've been playing guitar for 5 years and Marr's riffs and arpeggios are fu**ing difficult to play :D
I've learnt only Back To The Old House entirely for now...


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I'm in total agreeance on the degree of difficulty. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that a beginning player start off with Marr -- he or she is bound to become discouraged. However, if Johnny is your favourite player and/or you love the music, give it a go.


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On this site you will see evry smiths and morrissey bass line tabbed out - I mean all of them - and pretty accurate too. I have learned about 20 of them in the last few months. It is hard going, but well worth it.

If you ever get to be neer London look me up - I'd love to play allong.....

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If you are just learning to play... you should focus more on chords rather than playing individual notes.

The chords are the foundation of all the songs. Once you are familiar with the chords, you will see the more difficult guitar parts are a for the most part a subset of the chords and things make a lot more sense.

Johnny's lead parts on most songs are rather hard to play.

You should check out for some pretty good free lessons.

You should consider lessons in person with someone who can show you why you are struggling with fingering, give you good tips on how to change from one chord to the next, help you with strumming patterns and numerous other things that you simply will take forever to figure out without a teacher.

My personal advice is don't be afraid to learn barre chords (chords where you have to lay your index finger across 5 or 6 strings).

You will never really play any Moz or Smiths stuff if you don't learn these. Learning them is easy. Making them sound good and changing to them is hard, especially at first. I shied away from them for a long time and when I was finally forced to learn them I was amazed at how much more stuff I could play. It did take hours and hours and hours of practice to actually learn to play them but it was something I wished I did sooner.

The other great thing about them is that 90% of all barre chords are so similar in formation that once you have the basics down you can play almost every major and minor chord.

Alain and Jesse are both very heavy into barre chords. When you play barre chords you don't really have to have good fingering techniques because even if you hit strings you shouldn't have, you are hitting strings that sound fine with the strings you meant to hit.

Jesse in my opinion has better fingering skills than Alain but neither of them can play like Johnny Marr let alone write like him although I hear nothing on the MM CD that sounds interesting at all from Johnny.

Boz for the most part plays what I call cowboy chords. They are all the basic chords you can play without playing barre chords. He does some other stuff but 90% of his live playing is just strumming some chords.

Oh one more thing, buy a capo. Very few moz/smiths songs are in standard tuning.

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Very good advise, bored.
If you don't have the money to pay the lessons with a teacher, buy a good book for beginners. I started this way, my dad had this book (because he plays a bit), and I began studying chords like E, A, D etc.
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