Guilty Pleasures


which one?

because I like one also but won't admit it unless no one is within earshot. don't tell, though.
that one about Romeo and Juliet....

I just saw the tag.... Nugz, you don't really like Phish do you? I remember when Moz was playing the Vegas Hard Rock in 2004 or something, Phish was playing a couple of night at UNLV at the same time. I ended up having to stay at the Motel 6 right there on Tropicana Rd because I waited till the last minute to book a room, and everything else was booked by then. Well, I think that half of the country's Phish fans were staying there also, and half of them staying in their vans and buses in the parking lot. I have never seen so many men with large feathers in their hats, upper-middle class white girls with dreadlocks, enough mutts to make the ASPCA jealous, and millions of cases of Nattty Light being drunk by barefoot people in the lobby-and, I have been to a couple of Dead parking lots, & seen Pink Floyd when I was a young. Point is, Phish? I cannot handle "jamming," let alone 30 mins of it at once.

no i do not. :rolleyes: that was Buzzetta, he leaves "nugz loves DMB" and "nugz loves Phish" tags alot, just to mess with me. HE loves those bands not me!!

Buzzetta, damn youuuu!!! :angry:


You love them
nugz luvs phish stfu buzz this site
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