Guilty Pleasures


We've all got at least one.... that band/ artist we know we shouldn't like, we shouldn't encourage them.... but we REALLY love them!!!! Go on, I won't judge you! Mine are Nik Kershaw (I know it's wrong) and The Feeling. I'm not even ashamed of myself!

Status motherf***ing Quo
Ace Of Base (since 1994 until today) :eek:
Bad Religion (started in 93, ended a year ago) :(
Pearl Jam (since forever!!!) :confused:
Nirvana (started in 2000, ended about a month later) :D
Also: Hotclub of Cowtown :D
Two Words:

Daft Punk.
omd - enola gay

i love it to death, but it might make too happy sometimes.
Sir Alec said:
Pearl Jam (since forever!!!)

no way that's a guilty pleasure!
that's a band everybody SHOULD love!
George Michael, since the age of three. That's quite embarrassing.

I don't listen to him anymore, but if I hear a Wham! song, I don't turn it off... I'll put it that way.
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I think that Alphaville's "Big in Japan" would easily make it to my top ... 100.

I'm a sucker for 80s music what can I say?
nugz luvs phish stfu buzz this site
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