Guilty Pleasures (music-wise)?


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OMG I can't belive you like that shit!

Zomg caSsIus dunt m0ck mI tastEs.

I no h3s sHit bUT I Onlii lykk 1 soNNggg!!!11


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Butler & McAlmont are great - and very under-rated. Their album (the 1st?) "The Sound of McAlmont & Butler" (1995) is a forgotten gem. The first track "Yes" is amazing.

Yes, I recently came into possession of "The Sound of..."
I've looked into some of the songs from his solo disc in either 97 or 98, but they don't seem to appeal to me as much as McAlmont and Butler. The first "solo" disc, although technically as the duo Thieves (who supported Morrissey on tour, btw :D), released as "McAlmont" is quite good. Also, I'd like to get my hands on the project released this year, "The Glare" by McAlmont and Michael Nyman. :nopity:

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I don't believe in the concept of "guilty pleasures". If I like a song, by definition it is a good song. Why would I feel guilty about enjoying a good song?


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Cher - "Believe"

Not something I have on my computer or listen to frequently, but when I hear it I swell up with happiness.

See, this is what I mean. That is a great song! How do I know it's a great song? Because it makes me feel good to hear it. I refuse to be ashamed of liking something that makes me feel good.

And, funny how things work out. "Believe" by Cher turned out to be one of the most influencial pop songs of recent times. Don't believe me? Tune into one of the "urban stations" and you'll hear the influence in about half the songs they're playing. Granted, most of that influence is just the studio trickery, but it sure did catch on!


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I'm a closet Bright Eyes fan, I have to turn off my when I listen to them.

What's guilty about that? Oberst is one of the few truly gifted songwriters around, and a strong lyricist too. One of the best bands of the decade, IMO.



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I absolutely agree - Conor Oberst is one of my favorite singer-songwriters ever, and Bright Eyes have recorded some spectacular albums.

It amazes me that so many people find him cringeworthy. Oh well, the same goes for Morrissey, I suppose...


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It amazes me that so many people find him cringeworthy.

Sorry. I'm one of them. :blushing:

But as you point out...

Oh well, the same goes for Morrissey, I suppose...

...when people have wildly differing opinions about the same artist it usually means the artist in question is doing something right.

The exception to this rule is Robert Smith, whose broad and loyal fanbase can only be explained by mass psychosis.


Napoleon Dynamite!!!!!!

Was in love WAY b4 the Dynamite...




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I've only heard Lady Gaga songs on the radio and whatnot. the Lets Dance song and Pokerface didn't really do much for me, but this one I find pretty catchy.

Bad Romance is okay. And nugz you reminded me of one of my guilty pleasures:

'cause we used to fight over how hot Barry is.
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