'"Guess the real Morrissey lyric' - Timeout (London)


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Hah, that was fun. 10/10, which doesn't surprise me as I noticed this morning that I'm already singing along to every song on the album...

Not sure why I decided to click "Moz" for ‘Run your palms on my bruised forearms’, considering it's the only one I didn't really recognize but, for whatever reason thought "maybe I heard that somewhere". I was pretty iffy on it, and it turns out I was right to be.

Such shame... or is it even more shameful that I recognized all the others? Not sure.


You scored 10 out of 10!

The right answers

Moz ‘Everyone has babies, babies full of rabies’
‘I was sent here by a three-foot halfwit in a wig’
‘Hooray, the bullfighter dies’
‘You are the soldier who won’t get much older’
‘Stock yard, church yard, your mammy’s back yard’

Not Moz ‘True blue, baby, I hate you’
‘You’re a disgrace, like a pony in a lift’
‘Blue blood, Blu Cantrell – it’s all the same to me’
‘Run your palms on my bruised forearms’
‘Show me a banker, any one will do, show me a banker, and I’ll show you a buffoon’
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