Greg Davies (UK actor/comedian) on Suedehead (the song he wishes he'd written) and Morrissey's current 'beliefs' (April 21, 2023)

Don't know if this has done the rounds yet but it appeared in the NME fairly recently.

The song I wish I’d written​

Morrissey – ‘Suedehead’
“When the song was released [in 1988], I was in a turbulent teenage relationship which I thought was life defining – of course it wasn’t – and I just couldn’t believe that line: ‘Why do you come here/When you know it makes things hard for me?’ I was trying to think of what to say to that girl and this man said had it for me. Morrissey’s known for a florid use of language and an Oscar Wildean turn of phrase, but his cleverness as a lyricist is how he can speak to you so eloquently in so few words. Obviously, he has terrible beliefs now.”

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