Greatest songs of all time

sea salt

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Y'all forgot to love-rate my ABBA song.


Ketamine Sun

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This song might just be my favorite of all time......I regret never being able to see him live.

This is the first time he ever played the song live.....the comments that pop up just blow my mind.

Btw thanks for posting this, never knew it was recorded live, just assumed it was some studio trickery to make it sound live. (y)

rifke wire

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what are we basing this on? greatest in what terms?

nick cave - into my arms
nick cave - the weeping song
nick cave - straight to you
nick cave - cannibal's hymn
don mclean - vincent
suede - trash
suede - life is golden
david bowie - ashes to ashes
david bowie - the man who sold the world
lou reed - romeo had juliet
lou reed - waltzing matilda/street hassle/ slip away
john cale and lou reed - style it takes
the cure - pictures of you
the cure - the lovecats
the cure - letter to elise
the cure - just like heaven
pulp - acrylic afternoons
pulp - glory days
pulp - live bed show
leonard cohen - take this waltz
leonard cohen - suzanne
morrissey - jack the ripper
morrissey - the last of the famous international playboys
mr bungle - pink cigarette
tom waits - who are you
tom waits - waltzing matilda
diamanda galas - sono l'antichristo
diamanda galas - gloomy sunday
diamanda galas - babys insane

rifke wire

26% descended from the great teutonic tribes
sorry i didnt love rate your abba song, @sea salt . i just saw this thread now. you'll have to tell me where it is if you want a love rating!!! im sure it's great! i just LOVE abba. :paranoid:
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