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This is funny.

April 16, 2020

" I offer loud applause to Paul McCartney and Brian May, both of whom I love and respect greatly, for calling for a complete ban on China's so-called 'wet-markets' … which is just a gentle name for hell on earth. There is enough footage of China's 'wet-markets' on You Tube to enlighten you and sicken you at the same time. As with the British abattoir, such places are an evil torment that have no excuse in a civilized world. But is this world civilized? If I, on the other hand, made a comment on China's 'wet-markets' the British press would set fire to my mother's hair."

Morrissey, in conversation, April 2020.
information provided by Valerie Pearson.

Absolutely agree!! ,his words are powerful !!!.
MORRISSEY transcends the stage, is beyond the rest of the singers, and they accuse him of being racist, because they don't admit his BRUTAL HONESTY!!!!.
His new album is great , and many of those who attack him here are very quiet because it is obvious that the album has no waste, even the weaskest song,to call it somehow it is a 7!!.
I love that Moz appears in this way he is a real great,VIVA MY MOZUCHISSS!!!!.
MORRISSEY dear my admiration grows more and more every day, keep publishing those things if they are worth it!!!, for me they are important.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????
Morrissey is far forward.
Always with the “LOOK AT ME”. Can’t sell a record. Can’t sell out a venue. Doesn’t give a shit about human beings - even those who buy his pap - during these hard times. All down to the same vegan pandering and scraping for a headline.

Animals don’t buy records or go to shows. Well past time for a statement of solidarity with those who’re suffering. You don’t need to eat bat-soup from a wet-market to catch the virus. It knows no bounds.

Wet-market animals won’t keep Heir Moorissey stocked in Kerrygold, vodka, personalized bumper stickers, hotel suites and cashmere sweaters, will they?
Many of the 'wet markets' you see on youtube are not China but Laos and Malaysia and one in south Korea - particularly bad. Korea has the biggest trade in dog meat in the world. Japan are just as big on meat as China if not more so - particularly beef. There is no difference between wild animal trade and animal trade - it's all the same. There are many thousands of vegetarians in China - Buddhism is the main religion in the south. I realise it's fashionable to denounce China atm because of CCP (no worse than our governments in all honesty) but it's not particularly helpful. Yes, the virus came from Wuhan but it could just as eaily come from many neighbourig countries in South East Asia or indeed USA (see swine flu). I agree, it would be wonderful if we could all be vegans but this is about one thing and one thing only BILL GATES

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