Morrissey Central "GOOD TIMES … FOR A CHANGE" (March 18, 2021)


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I like the fact that Morrissey honours his and The Smiths fans by posting their renditions on Central.

I'd be honoured and grateful.


At least it takes into account the fans of the world, it's important to me. I like it, it's more joyful than remembering people who have disincarnated. I just hope it's Moz's idea, that he's decided that this comes out in Central, and that it hasn't been imposed by other people/s A bombshell would be for Moz to throw something unheard of, either from him or why not from the Smiths, or that he didn't tell us how things are going regarding Bonfire, I'm still waiting for a break point


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wee guy with the rainjacket is a star,if M can appreciate these then why are people on here so dismissive of them,they arent going to change your life only the original can do that.


I vote for the 1st child is fun and sings pretty well, the rest is fine. What problem do some have with Moz publishing this, he is happy it seems that if he likes it, I prefer that he is watching on the networks that his fans do, before he is watching the news because they are mostly bad because the media shows ,and people are attracted to everything that generates impact, but they generate negative energies and affect mood,


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thats fine but people pass judgement without even watching them,all they have to say is i havent watched them so i cant comment.
My verdict is I liked the piano one best because at least it felt like it was putting its own spin on things. But I probably wont ever watch them again.


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The first 2 are adorable, it's so nice that Morrissey acknowledges them and their efforts. I also enjoyed when he posted the Corona fan art, like Girlfriend Has Corona, You are the Quarantined, etc.

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