good record stores in london+edinburgh?


looking for some record stores..
-one specialised in "indie"rock
another one specialised in indian music:classic indian singers/recordings; bollywoodsoundtracks(esp soundtracks from the 60 ties cause I once saw an indian film where they combine 60 beat music with indian to find some obsire 60ties bollywoodsoundtracks would be perfect)
i wonder if i find these in central london or do i have to go to hounslow (or similar boroughs where the Ethnicity is mostly indian/asian)? i can imagine its not tht easy founding those records stores specialised on hindi music in central london?

also other music worldwide : im very fond of eastern european music...i love Fanfare Ciocarlia, a gypsy brass band from romania
very energetic liveshows you must have a look in youtube for it!!!
and also what I call for myself "gypsy punk" ...

arabic music

and some store specialised on motown sixties rock n roll beat

some specialised on 50 ties psychobilly rockabilly..maybe in addition some stores who sell beside music clothings books etc in that rockabilly/psychobilly area..

idont know about edinburgh so you have in edinburgh some of these mentioned too ?
iam not sure about the world music rercord stores (indian arabic eastern european)

but some indie ,50 ties and 60ties record store are surely be there too?or maybe im wrong and you got some of
the first mentioned too?
thanks very much in advance!
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no one?


oh, mother...
I have been googling all night, you should do it too!! I am also going to ask people in line at the shows.
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