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Via Ally Phillips:

"...In July 2023 Jo was diagnosed with a recurrence and is now embarking on an intensive period of treatment, healing and recovery, again combining allopathic and holistic medicine. She tried chemo, but after two rounds, had to decline as the side-effects were so ferocious and catastrophic.

Since then she has had ablation to metastases in her liver, and is now fully immersed in a protocol of ongoing holistic treatment, alongside NHS tests and monitoring.

The most recent test results (January 2024) have been encouraging, showing further reduction in both primary and axilla sites, and the liver clear.

Funding: Initial costs, including supplements, many trips to hospital locally, a private consultation, and the trip to UCLH in London for liver ablation, came to £1820. We estimate that ongoing specifically targeted supplements and vitamins will cost £476 per month. Thus the target we have set is the initial cost plus 24 months of ongoing support (£11,424), total £15,503.

We want to give this wonderful woman every support we can, hence this appeal to her circle of friends and family to help support her ongoing monthly costs and return to full health and vitality. All funds go directly to cover treatment, the targeted supplements and vitamins prescribed for her, along with any transport costs relating to hospital visits..."

First shared by @Dorothy in another thread (original post), GoFundMe link:

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I think fasting goes a long way to preventing it. I don't mean just if you get cancer, but once a year as a healthy person you should fast for a few weeks (prolonged, NOT intermittent). This will get rid of toxins and free radicals, speed up healing, address any budding issues, so that if you do get cancer your system will be prepared to fight it. A good test of whether or not you need to fast is if you can't go a day without eating without feeling sick or dizzy--if that's the case you are very toxic and NEED to fast.

You couldn’t be more right! And don’t forget about the crystals!
The Cancer Miracle isn’t a Cure. It’s Prevention. Current research suggests that at least half of cancer cases could be prevented by applying what we already know.
What can be applied that we know? My sense is that chemical and other toxins, including carcinogens, which have been aggregating in our lives, play a large part, as EPAs are hamstrung in their responses by authorities captured by industry lobbyists? Or is that nonsense too?
Whether or not it helps in any way (and hoping it does), I'm very much in favour of Sam"s monthly allowance being cancelled and redirected for a while, since M is now a beggar ( I hear.)
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