Glastonbury 2010?


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Who reckons Morrissey will be there?

Apparently its gonna be their biggest festival so far...
Oh, I hope not. Glastonbury seems rubbish.
I'm going thats why I hope he'll be there :)

They are supposedly getting one act from every year that they have been around...glasto that is

June 1984 - The smiths were there :)
This year Michael Eavis was asked in speakers forum who he wanted to headline in 2010. Being the optimistic fool he is he replied Led Zeppelin and The Smiths, I can't blame him for trying :lbf:
I get the impression that Moz himself is not particularly fond of Glastonbury, so in the extremely unlikely event of The Smiths reforming I don't think it'd be there.
Well, ...on the "Off" chance that Morrissey Might veryWell INDEED eat his own testicles if he ever appears onstage with the Ex-Smiths again....I'm going!!!
I might be biased but I dont like the look of glasto and from what video's I've seen of him at the last one I dont think it'd be a great place to see him. hope he does T in the park. only because I'll be there
Moz for Glastonbury 2010?

Guardian quoting Moz's name for next year

He'd have to dust down the classics this time. If he played the current setlist he would bomb big style.
I don't think that'll happen. I like to think Morrissey would rather play at shows specifically for his fans, and not at a festival that’s become so corporate, with most people avoiding the ‘real’ Glastonbury (Green Fields) and just hanging around the arenas – chatting, taking pictures of each other and bands they probably know nothing about, not facing the stage half the time, waving flags, and (probably) eating meat from the near-by ‘Burgers and Fries’ stalls. Basically getting in the way of people who are actually there for the music. Glastonbury has loads of good stuff to offer and I’ve been to the last seven, but have decided to give it a miss next year because of all of the above. I’ll be gutted if Morrissey (or the Smiths, but there’s no way that’ll happen!) plays next year. :tears:
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