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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    The Queen Is Dead / Suedehead / Staircase At The University / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Kiss Me A Lot / Istanbul / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Neal Cassady Drops Dead / One Of Our Own / Yes, I Am Blind / Trouble Loves Me / Scandinavia / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Everyday Is Like Sunday / What She Said / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I'm Not A Man / The Bullfighter Dies / Meat is Murder // Speedway

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 21, 2015.

    1. docinwestchester
      Dougie Coulter ‏@wulliedouglas · 11m11 minutes ago
      'Maybe next time' for independence says #Morrissey


      Morrissey declares support for independence: Scotland missed its perfect chance to leave UK
      Morrissey has declared his support for independence, telling told fans that Scotland missed its perfect chance to leave the United Kingdom.

      The controversial singer made the statement while performing at the Hydro in Glasgow on Saturday night. He told the audience: "I know many of you will disagree with me, we'll you might but I was very disappointed by the outcome of the referendum. "You missed your perfect chance. [not in article, but also said: "You could have had them on the run"]. Maybe next time."

      The former Smiths frontman declared his support for Scottish independence ahead of the referendum. In an interview with Ireland's Hot Press magazine, he said: "They (Scotland) must cut ties with the United King-dumb. "I love Scotland, and I love the Scottish spirit and they do not need Westminster in the least."
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    2. docinwestchester
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      I don't care about the set list I don't care about what he said I don't care about anything all. All i care about is hearing the endless shit posted by Barleycorn, Benny et al. ! NOT ! Bloody cheese again is it ? awaiting a witty and intelligent response from said culprits NOT !
      Nicole from Berlin how was it for you ?

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    4. Anonymous
      Strange he never said much about it at the time of the referendum if he had such strong opinions...
      Also claimed to support both Rangers and Celtic 'probably'
    5. docinwestchester
      Annie McGuire ‏@Annie__McGuire · 11m11 minutes ago
      BREAKING; Morrissey declares for #tapsaff

    6. docinwestchester
      Here's some of the audio regarding the independence vote:

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    7. Bluebirds
      Oh God I suspect Mozzer's pronouncement on the Scottish question will commence a barrage of abuse from the resident nutcases.

      Hope Glasgow was good especially on a Saturday
    8. docinwestchester
      Reaction on twitter seems mixed. Examples:

      NickLawrie ‏@nick_nlawrie · 5m5 minutes ago
      @MarkRuffalo @HuffPostArts don't knock the big man Morrissey. He has his faults but he supported scots independence. Credit where it's due.

      Brian ‏@dunc2n · 5m5 minutes ago
      RT @JimGellatly: Morrissey says he was very disappointed with the result of the referendum. A few boos, but mostly
      applause.” Twat.

      Lloyd Butler ‏@LloydB95 · 4m4 minutes ago
      Highlight of the gig for me was when Morrissey declared his support for Scottish Independence. Good man.

      Chris R. ‏@CRO730 · 21m21 minutes ago
      @hsnewsbreak @Martin1Williams This is Morrissey... Someone who supports UKIP.

      R Bruce Henderson ‏@LelavoirB · 3m3 minutes ago
      @Dennynews @brianjaffa The same Morrissey who failed to appear at his New York gig, but Cliff Richard did! Who was on the run? #indyref

      kylelf ‏@kyleliamfleming · 3m3 minutes ago
      Morrissey was brilliant as usual
      "The result of the referendum disappointed Me"-Morrissey. Couldn't agree more

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      Mark Hannah ‏@markthannah · 56s57 seconds ago
      Stunning. Lost for words. God bless you Morrissey. A voice and presence that is impeccable.


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      Complete audio regarding the referendum:

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    9. BrummieBoy
      "Scotland, stay with us" David Bowie at The Brits 2014.


    10. AztecCamera
      Is that a Costco? Nice scaffolding in the background.

      Why is it called the United Kingdom? It's England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and all of them don't want anything to do with England.

      Was the vote fixed for Scotland to have their independence by Willy and his whore wife who fucks sweaty hairy Lebron James?
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    11. Anonymous
      Honestly, people should get a fucking life sometimes. I, personally, don't see how this should lead to 'a barrage of abuse' since the opinions on that one were pretty balanced, even in my own family the score was even. My parents had a different opinion than myself ... and that's about that. No big issue. But since it's Moz who uttered this opinion, I can see your point.
    12. Anonymous
      scotland didnt realize how disappointed moz would be.
      'rolls eyes'
    13. docinwestchester
      Dougie Coulter ‏@wulliedouglas · 2m2 minutes ago
      'I was disappointed by the outcome of the referendum.

      'You missed your perfect chance Maybe next time'


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      15 seconds of Crashing Bores:

    14. Anonymous
      I agree completely. This is a non-story but the press will build a story, as always. On twitter there are also tweets like this ...

      Lloyd Butler ‏@LloydB95 3 Min.Vor 3 Minuten

      Highlight of the gig for me was when Morrissey declared his support for Scottish Independence. Good man.
    15. docinwestchester
      Probably not related to this gig, but I had to post (there are sure to be some signs hidden in there, maybe upside down?)

      Grace Bailey ‏@GRACE4EVEREVER · 5m5 minutes ago
      When ur whole timeline is talking about Morrissey's UK tour and u didn't go


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      15 seconds of Stop Me:

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    16. Anonymous
      I was about to post the same picture. I've never seen that. Quite beautiful even though it's just a simple picture of someone in a passing car.
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