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Where can I find the shirt Morrissey is wearing on the Glamour Glue album cover?
Does anyone know where to find the actual shirt Moz is wearing in his photo - I think it’s St. George Cross and I had one many years ago and looking for it.


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The picture is by Monfourny '91.
So I'm guessing football shirts from circa '90/91.
He also wore a variant:
Good luck with that - they change designs every 5 minutes.
There are far better informed people regarding football on here - they will give you a realistic yes or no, but cursory searching returns nothing.
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Thanks! I actually think that is when I owned it. I found one a couple of years ago that was oh so close. My search continues, but now I have a circa to work with, albeit my chances are low.
I never saw this as a football shirt. The England rugby union team wears the red rose as their badge. The football team (and rugby league one) the 3 lions.

It is probablt more pertinent in Morrissey's case that it is the symbol of the House of Lancaster ( county of Lancashire)

I thought this was about the gold lame shirt he wore in the video tbh
t shirt
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