jete tes devoirs au feu

I Could Turn U Inside Out
Gin is a fantastic drink. It tastes nice, doesn't get you too pissed and doesn't make you hungover.

This is why Donald Cox, the Sweaty Fox, made it his drink of choice.

Discuss Gordon's Gin.


It's the only drink I have been really sick from....woke up feeling rough as hell with gin and lime smelling vomit matted in my hair. :tears:

You are right though does taste nice


found found found

1 part sweet vermouth to 2 parts Bombay. 3 olives and a twist. Heavily chilled.


lovable loser
I do not like gin :sick:

I like whiskey :thumb: and smileys :)

I read today that Justin Timberlake is launching his own brand of Tequila called 901. Refers to his hometown area code (Memphis) and he says, "901 is that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning." I could be talked into some nighttime Tekillya shots with JT. :cool:
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