Morrissey Central "GILLESPIE MANIA" and "DANA GILLESPIE" (May 17, 2024)



Spent The Day In Bed by Dana Gillespie has entered the official UK vinyl chart at number 3.
An aging singer nobody's ever heard of doing one of the worst Morrissey songs ever. Yeah it's pandemonium!!
As if this has not been explained before -
Morrissey has been surrounding himself with amateurs who do terrible work. Fiona Dodwell and her word soup 'articles' , in which she cannot bother to fact check or use proper grammar. SER with his sub par 'graphic' skills running that ridiculous site that posts nonsense. Yet, and this is important, so follow along, Morrissey is expecting every major label to roll out the red carpet for him and give him top tier treatment when he surrounds himself with inferiority and now just desperately begs for attention with these self congratulatory posts.

He is pathetic. And we are allowed to say it. It is perfectly acceptable to be a fan of just the Smiths and post here, or any part of Morrissey's solo career, you don't have to love it all and you are allowed to criticize the trainwreck he's become.

Cruel World was last weekend, Duran Duran were the headliners. THAT is how you headline a show. not the lazy Morrissey way. He does everything so half-assed when he even bothers to show up.
I'm 47.... it's been wild to see Morrissey stay relevant as long as he has, only to totally drop the ball at the beginning of Act 4 of his career.
I think a dignified retirement might be the best move at this stage. I'm not sure my nerves can stand another decade of self-inflicted chaos. :paranoid:
That cover reminds me of one of those, erm, men's magazines from the 1970s. Those with titles like Mayfair, Razzle. Anyway, you know what I mean...or maybe you don't!

Week 2 = down 4 to #7.
Meanwhile, Moz's friend Miley is covering David Byrne

Miley's phoning it in on this one. I just got back from a St Vincent gig in Bristol and she is drenched in David Byrne's musical pheromones. She collaborated on a whole album with him. Miley's 'collaboration' with Steven amounted to backing vocals on one song, that unreleased one about Veronica and even that got binned by the forces of containment. Etc.

It's interesting to see how some of the more intelligent younguns are investigating the music behind the apparel-memes they randomly sport as fashion crimes and thus encounter the complexities of bona-fide intellectual heavyweights like Byrne.

I also encounter young people modelling iconographics from previous decades untroubled by a lack of knowledge of the art behind their their 'Meat Is Murder' or 'DSOTM' t-shirt. I asked some young rent boy what he liked about Black Sabbath but he didn't understand the question. He was wearing a 'Paranoid' tee because it was pretty and matched the rest of his clown attire.

I thought I'd pop in to see if that Manchester Arena song had escaped as I'll be there tonight for the TOOL - Night Verses stuff. TOOL were hilarious in Birmingham on Thursday night. I'd pay good money to see and hear Maynard, Morrissey and Byrne in convo at The Bowdon Rooms with Mike Joyce as compere MC. It would be pure comedy ... 3 intellectual pop-rock titans duelling in debate...ahem! Morrissey wouldn't last 5 minutes in the ring. Chasm-Kassum karma chameleon chancer so he is, was, will be...paging Ian McCullough...lolzapaloopa!

I had a front row seat for Henry Rollins chin-wag soiree at Birmingham Town Hall but the prick cancelled because Covid...he'd be a good host in Bowdon if Mike Joyce was unavailable.

It always tickled me when Morrissey posed as an 'intellectual' pop star and made the ludicrous, spurious claim that he was sui generis in this respect. The idea he was unaware of 'More Songs About Buildings And Food' and 'Fear Of Music' as he writhed in thwarted ambition before achieving his 40 watt 'fame' is absurd, as is any notion that Marr didn't study Talking Heads in that era. Any serious guitarist immediately heard the influence of Talking Heads in The Smiths. I certainly did but the morons in Moseley continued to fantasise that Marr was wholly original. Some still do but I doubt Marr does, or ever did...

I'll be staying in Manchester to catch Jane's Addiction on Sunday. I wonder what Marr thinks of Dave Navarro...

“I was stumped”: Revisiting Johnny Marr’s collaboration with Talking Heads
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