Gigwise: "11 Underrated Songs: The Smiths A band with a famously flawless discography" (March 12, 2021)


Hailing from the unrelenting streets of 1980s Manchester, The Smiths have become one of the most well-remembered and influential British bands of their era.



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Lots I would add onto the list, but some good underrated gems on there regardless.


I loved that line about the music on 'The Boy with the Thorn In His Side' being so in harmony that is almost sounds like it's one instrument - that's exactly the feeling I get listening to the song, but usually it's the live, 'Rank' version I'm listening to, as I much prefer that version. But still get that feeling.

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"Not to mention the beautiful clean guitar fill Johnny utilises at the end of the verses, making the track very musically colourful and a joy to listen to."


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