Gigwise: "11 Underrated Songs: The Smiths A band with a famously flawless discography" (March 12, 2021)


Hailing from the unrelenting streets of 1980s Manchester, The Smiths have become one of the most well-remembered and influential British bands of their era.


Gregor Samsa

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Happy as a lark to see Paint a Vulgar Picture on that list. A truly underrated song, and in my opinion one of their most beautiful. The Marr solo is my all time favorite guitar solo.

The Wild Turkey

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Gotta agree about Jeanne.
For some reason I never heard the thing for the longest time.
Then I heard the thing and it became one of my favorites.
I Keep Mine Hidden was like that too.


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The list has some of my absolute favourites. I'd only add A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours, I Started Something I Couldn't Finish and Stretch Out And Wait.

And maybe Accept Yourself... it's a bit hard to tell which songs are "underrated" though because they're all great.

This Charming Bowie

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Nice to see “You’ve Got Everything Now”, “These Things Take Time” and “Nowhere Fast” getting some well deserved love. All great picks.


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Jeane: I've never been too keen on the stomping guitar on this....I 'd have preferred Marr's Sandie Shaw version with Moz's vocal.
Oh, and Wondeful Woman ? Magnificent.!

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
Or, "the worst Smiths song ever" if you're Steve Sutherland in the NME in 1987. Twat.
For f***’s sake, that’s frankly vulgar.

Who Am I?

I distinctly remember immersing myself in this band for the first time; reaching beyond the studio album tracks to discover foreign wonders like This Night Has Opened My Eyes and Back To The Old House and Wonderful Woman.

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If Wonderful Woman didn't exist, my regard for The Smiths would be inordinately diminished.




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the smiths never wrote a bad song. The only crap song they ever recorded is golden lights and, as we all know, they didn't write that one.
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