Getting on Stage at a Morrissey/smiths Concert


Has Forgiven Jesus
Those people scare me,all it takes is some nutter with a knife

I agree with you 100%. I've seen people in the crowd get very badly hurt by a wannabe stage invader, it is not a pleasant experience to see, let alone experience first hand. Can't stand them. Love when security wrestle them away, the look of desperation and anguish on their face is kind of hilarious :lbf:


Forever Ill
I think that Morrissey used to want hugs sometimes and now he's over it.

I think Billy is right that most of them just want to be seen up there.

well i doubt that, sometimes Morrissey's stage ways are an invitation
to reach out to him, HE wants physical contact withthe audience, but
not a stage rushing, :lbf: girls in leopard skirts

as seen on several bootlegs it's the way you reac him, just show
HIM personal apreciation for all those years, IMHO it's the timing and
when tjhere's a moment for getting someone reach the stage

Morrissey's absolutely not againts it

I think he's rather be hugged on stage, than 30 people for the a vegan restaurant where's he's eating with friends

I think it's time for signing sessions, it's been some time since he did that

sorry mr Scissors, me story was a BIT not done, especially cause their real
freaks in that situation, think about columbine, well that freak shot himself,
but idiots enough, think about 9-11

I'm a pretty normal person, costed 20 years, but 45 and lots of reallife
learning , so they won't fool me, well a bullet and I'm down too:squiffy:

billy scissors

a bit fond
books are not stanley knifes [Morrissey]

I see yer replies, but yer nick with scissors isn't that safe and uplifting

nut what's a in a name/nick?

I bet there were billy budds allready fortaken

maybe billy but, just helping

well, I'm a convicted serial killer, typing from the internet room at
the long stay unit, just been out of 10 daus solitair, just a empty room
with soft walls, you can pss and shit eveywhere, everymorning the come
with the firehose with a can with a flavour I used to smell that in Hospitals,
I get a new plastic boiler suit/overall, and while ripping the dirty one off me,
they also clean me with the firehose

luckily i had a decent shower, have a sore back , me mates kept on dropping
the soapbar on the ground, so had to bend, that's how we keep cleaning our asses

I hope to get a free day , with security between now and 2 years, it's
a difficult case to get that

ciao, write me, Billy


Well,Celibate,I thought of calling myself Cecil Muff, but changed my mind at the last minute.
Sounds like you're having a ball in jail.

I like the vampire analogy myself. You have to invite a vampire into your house. Vampires are dark and scary and ominous and of the night and all that, but they're basically fun to hang around and Morrissey knows this, so he says things like "You can try a little harder than that!" and whatnot, teasing people to get up on stage, inviting them into his house. The securty is there for when he rescinds the invitation, when he's had enough, they throw their asses off. However...some vampires don't have the best intentions and should they make their way to the front and get up there, I shudder at the thought. I mean it's not that one should live their life in fear or anything, but it's that combination of being on stage, having a challenge to get there, feeling the energy of a crowd of people and being famous for doing something f***ed up that attracts creepy people or bad vampires. That's why I'm hesitant of the whole thing.

you're scary

I know what you're saying Crystal- I think it's great that Morrissey welcomes and appreciates his fans reaching out to him in that way, but it's definitely a bit of a slippery slope. You both said basically the same thing actually. I don't think it's something that should end completely by any means, but the people who do it just for attention or (god forbid) with bad intentions are a bit of a downside to the whole thing.
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