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  1. No1uno

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    Nov 30, 2013
    Ok, if you move posts because of the content. That is work/time you have to put making that happen. It means to me you have a standard for how thread should go and the content therein. Are users warned when their posts derail a topic to such an extent that you have to manually take the time to move their posts. Or you ok with constantly cleaning threads for what looks like a limited amounts of posters who are over the top, who I have to admit are funny in their insanity sometimes.

    I see it like this. It's like someone walking a dog in front of David's house, David's there watering his lawn. The owner lets the dog take a shit on your lawn, David's like, please don't let the dog shit on my lawn. The owner says nothing as an indicator, "you clean it up" and walks away, to come back tomorrow and do it again right in front of you. David says nothing and just walks up and wraps his fingers around a big stinking shit that's not his and takes it to the trash (off topic fight thread).

    I say get rid of that off topic fight thread, let the posters full fucked up glory of their own written words stand in the most popular threads for all to see.

    Or if you have a standard, not censorship, a standard, of staying on topic or taking it to another thread, move the posts, but warn the culprits. Maybe even state progressive discipline up to and including banishment.
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    I like the system the way it is now.
  3. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    The system is working now, rarely do we actually step in and move posts. It's natural some people may annoy one another and it gets out of hand on occasion. They seem to see the posts have moved and consider it a warning. If they do keep going off-topic in threads then appropriate infractions / banning will follow.
  4. Uncleskinny

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    Works well right now.
  5. Mozza220559

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    Do you know how much of a whining pussy you sound?

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