Gerard Way in familiar pose

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By terrancestamp on Mar 25, 2017 at 9:18 PM
  1. terrancestamp

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    1. terrancestamp
      I thought the stance and sweater were very similar to the "What Difference.." sleeve. Then I saw the glass of milk he was holding. That made it final as a tribute to the Smiths. Gerard Way of some emo band that I can't think of the name and don't want to look it up.
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    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      On his site just above their record store day news.
      Not my cup of milk.
    3. Anonymous
      Yeah he's a big fan. I like Gerard. He does a graphic novel as well that wasnt bad and the first two my chemical romance albums were pretty good catchy melodrama. His solo album which came out not long ago and was all Brit pop based and was a really good pop rock album in general. Had some cure and suede influences that popped up all over it
    4. tyronepowebottom
      My Chemical Romance is an insult to music
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    5. bandrus1

      ehh first 2 albums were fun cheezy music for the time... after that big old suck
    6. Anonymous
      Agree. They had a fun comic amusement to them while being uptempo and catchy. I don't they took it nearly so serious as there fans. Well until the black parade that is. Last album kinda went back to being not so serious as it was supposed to be based around a sci if comic he was working on. I still throw on three cheers when I'm driving and just wanna sing along. His solo album though as I said was really good from the Bowie aping title and cover to cure guitar effect in million ways
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    7. ACTON
      Looks like a bit of a tool. Wouldn't people be better off trying to be original instead of copying The Smiths. Moz looked like he could have chloroformed you to death in the original because Moz has an edge to him. This other bloke just looks Nancy Drew soft.
      P.s. I know Moz nicked the Terence Stamp image originally.
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    8. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      In a questionnaire October 1990 M was asked How would he like to die? in which he replied... 'With Jean Shrimpton'. Now Jean had a fling with Stamp at one point... so what does this all mean?..what is the tie?! I don't know :lbf: ... maybe we should all draw the blinds and watch The Collector (the original 1965 version of course!) and enjoy the beauty of the damaged, for it doesn't seem to exist anymore in modern music or the arts... the beautiful damaged .

      to me you are a work of art ....

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    9. Anonymous
      Well the music for sure doesn't sound much like the smiths or morrissey. I don't know, I've got some respect for him. He worked himself out of being poor and made something happen for himself. I think he was on here not long ago for posting his morrissey sweatshirt. He's for the most part always seemed down to earth
    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Ha, I agree with you again Acton!
      Yes, cause when Moz nicks something he does it very much on purpose and he makes it original. Making it his own.
      There is a great difference with that and just copying or try to copy anything to get the same result.
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    11. marred
      This is worthy of a news thread? FFS :)
    12. Anonymous
      Who could possibly care?
    13. amirite
      More like Gerard Gay.
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    14. Anonymous
      Oh wow, "New white cotton tee with Gerard photo on the front. Good for summer."
      Only 19.99$! cheaper than on

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