Gary day suggests...


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Ok, let's get back to topic.
It's a bit sad, that the 3 guys from 1991 are heading out for a tour that will contain old Morrissey fan faves and a few nice tunes of themselves. If it's really a rough 3-piece, I bet Alain has the lion's part to do. Strongly sweating men far over 50, who have to exert themselves physically very hard, are no rarity in the rock circus. But it really needs His Master's Voice to give it some more glamour.
You really do paint a vulgar picture here.
I'd go to see them. But I doubt they'll be playing any shows near me.

Bitter & twisted..

charlie browne could do his 'moz stand-in' routine..?


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At this point, I'd actually rather pay $20 to see Gary, Alain and Spencer play the Kill Uncle tunes at some lousy little venue than pay $75 to see Morrissey play some awful setlist of his recent work at the Hollywood Bowl.
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