Gary Day DJs at HDIF in central London (Sat March 19)

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By ianw on Mar 16, 2011 at 6:24 AM
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    Aug 3, 2006
    We're very happy to say that Gary Day is returning to DJ at HDIF at the Phoenix in central London this Saturday. Gary was due to DJ for us in December but was snowed in, so we're pleased and relieved that the sun is shining and the weather forecast for Saturday is - hurrah! - scattered showers. Gary's a brilliant rock'n'roll DJ who had the club hopping on the two times he's DJ-ed for us before.

    You can pick up an advance ticket here -

    Hope to see you on Saturday night!


    How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
    Saturday March 19th
    The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PP, three minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station, 9pm-3am, £4 members, £6 non members. Membership is free from
    Guest DJ: Gary Day

    We play:

    The Smiths * The Supremes * The Go-Betweens * Dusty Springfield * Belle & Sebastian * Love * Tammi Terrell * Aztec Camera * The Ronettes * Orange Juice * Beach Boys * The Temptations * Velvet Underground * Felt * The Shangri-Las * Primal Scream * Otis Redding * The Field Mice * Dexys Midnight Runners * Camera Obscura * The Four Tops * Melba Moore * The Orchids
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by ianw, Mar 16, 2011.

    1. celibate
      Andy Rourke not scratching a few Prodigy/Underworld songs?
      oh no, someone wrote me about 4 times a pm he's in NY:(

      Would be more enjoyable if he picks up some muciscians, Gary I'm
      about, and going on in making/playing music
    2. Anonymous
      I would rather see Morrissey on his tour than this! Gary Day is known for playing bass guitar for Morrissey but that doesn't mean he is a great DJ. Maybe he could play bass guitar and DJ at the same time not sure how that would work? I hope he doesn't DJ using his i pod or laptop. Gary Day is about 45 so is no spring chicken good luck to him if he is now a DJ. I'm sure he is a nice fella, but this night doesn't sound like my cup of tea I don't like clubbing very much.
    3. Anonymous
      I don't really like names like Gary and Trevor they just sound so naff. Gary Day's own group, "The Gazmen" (which featured fellow Morrissey guitarist Alain Whyte) released a four song EP entitled "Rigormortis Rock" in September 2000. His band was named after his name Gary (Gaz).
    4. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      Beware of Trevors,they bear grudges.'Dereks' are dodgy too
    5. Anonymous
      New York is a great city very trendy. Andy Rourke is a twat though.
      I hope Gary Day isn't turning into Andy Rourke-the iPod DJ or MP3J how sad if true.
    6. Anonymous
      I hear Gary Day has a lot of tattoos. Beware of men called 'Gary' with a lot of 'tattoos'!
    7. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      say no more.Im always wary of anyone whose name ends with a Y
    8. celibate
      thought Rollins had another forename than Gary
    9. Anonymous
      Who is Gary Rollins?
    10. Anonymous
      The name Billy is ok because William is a nice name.
    11. Anonymous
      William, it was really nothing! William and Will are both nice names.
    12. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      its coming back.Now every Tom,Dick and Harry's called Will

      Whats your name?
    13. Anonymous
      My name is Sir Richard. Rich or Dick for short.
    14. celibate
      maybe a brother from tattoo and Morrissey basher, artist Hnenry Rollins, who
      also love tatoo's and has lots

      but you knew that, so here's your cookie...
    15. Anonymous
      The name Morrissey ends in a Y so I'm not wary of everyone whose name ends in a Y. Billy your own name ends in a Y but you knew that already.
    16. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      i rest my case
    17. Anonymous
      You mentioned two guys who really get on my nerves Henry Rollins (born Henry Lawrence Garfield) and Andy Rourke. Idiots like Rollins and Rourke are just jealous of Morrissey pure and simple.
      Henry Rollins does indead have a lot of tattoos just like Gary Day. Be very wary of men with a lot of tattoos.
    18. Anonymous
      Henry Rollins does indeed have a lot of tattoos just like Gary Day. Be very wary of men with a lot of tattoos.

      Where is my cookie?
    19. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      At least youre not a 'Ricky'. I like Dick.

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