"Game Of Thrones" star Lena Headey wears "I'm Not Sorry" T-shirt On Kimmel

Re: Game Of Thrones star wears "I'm Not Sorry" T-shirt On Kimmel

While watching NotHappyNotSad's link I noticed Lena's shirt:


Nice shirt, beautiful woman.
this is news? i'm sure it's just a coincidence and has nothing to do with morrissey.

Very true, too far fetched to associate with Morrissey.

The song is one of album tracks and hadn't been released as a single.
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she was lovely her in "imagine me and you. coupled with piper perabo.
Is her wearing the top even linked to the song?

It's just a routine top if she hand "Your One For Me Fatty" Or "Margaret on the Guillotine"

I may of believed she loved Morrissey
That's weird her bird cage tattoo is upside down. :squiffy: Maybe so she can enjoy her own tattoo?
This is very tenuous unless she's a noted Morrissey fan..
I feel like someone should tweet her and ask her. For some reason I imagine she is a Morrissey fan, though. Maybe I think so only because she is cool as f***.
I think it's a coincidence.
Actually, the fact that it's Nasty Gal shirt makes me think even more that the shirt might be a nod to Morrissey. One of the designers at N.G. might easily be a fan. Whether Lena Headey herself is a fan, though... I have no clue. A lot of these celebrities have stylists/shoppers anyway.

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