Further Royal discussion

Oh my, I have probably confused Castle Goring with Newstead Abbey.

I developed a new interest in the royals during the funeral proceedings. Last thing I remember from decades ago were the rumours concerning Harry, whether he was actually the son of Diana's riding instrutor. Has this mystery been solved in the meantime?
James Hewitt? Yes, he's denied being Harry's father and apparently the affair started a few years after Harry was already born. They really do/did look alike tho, but if you look at pics of a young Philip, I think you can see a resemblance to Harry.
What's wrong with her curtsies? Politics aside, I almost feel pity for her. I mean, look at those high heels and the tubular dress in which she obviously feels naked in. It's a wonder she can walk at all.
Truss will be out of Downing Street by Xmas.

Her party have discovered she is electorally toxic, and the series of car-crash interviews she did last week will do nothing to change that.
There are even speculations that she will be out by next week.
keeping the bloodline pure … royal inbreeding

It's a shame that they don't even know how to write "Habsburg" correctly.
There is a "Happs" in german though, which mean "little bite", but i fear they did it unintentionally.
Middle finger at so called royalty money-key monarchy :blushing:
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