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Re: Thank you for that! Some (actually, many) thoughts...

> It was Mozzers most critically acclaimed record of his career, so it will
> be very difficult for him to top that.
> http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/Morrissey.htm

Statistically, but it did not get the kind of serious acclaim Vauxhall did. As Devil's Reject said, it was more a case of everyone kind of agreeing that it was s olid "comeback" album.

Having said that, I think I Have Forgiven Jesus, The Never Played Symphonies are some of his best solo songs ever. And First of the Gang is one of my favourite solo singles.
Re: Thank you for that! Some (actually, many) thoughts...

> Yeah, but the reason it was his most critically acclaimed was because
> people were so thirsty for him and his type of songs after so many years
> away and after hip hop and slick pop had taken over everything. Plus,
> Sanctuary required critics to go to special listening sessions in
> controlled environments to review the album.

> None of which is to say "Quarry" isn't an excellent album
> deserving of high praises. It's a lovable album and I do love it lots.
> "I Have forgiven Jesus" remains one of my favorite
> Morrissey/Smiths songs of all time. But I don't like the way
> "Maladjusted" and "Southpaw" get disparaged just
> because they didn't sell well. And as much as I admire the songs on
> "Quarry," I do think it was consciously designed to be a very
> easy album to like right from the first play, so that Morrissey could get
> commercially re-established and release some more adventurous and off the
> mark stuff.

You think?? Then why in the world (no pun intended) would they start off the album with "America.."

You know, to have the security of being back on people's
> radars so that when he unleashes an album that causes people to be taken
> aback and not know immediately what they think, it'll be more than just
> his loyal fanbase that is debating it.
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