Full Morrissey interview on news.com.au: Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry, unreleased Smiths

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By Uncleskinny on Aug 3, 2016 at 8:09 PM
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    Exclusive: Morrissey on Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry and unreleased Smiths material - news.com.au
    By Cameron Adams, News Corp Australia Network

    There's so much here. But, forgive me - calling George Galloway and Nigel Farage liberal educators - what fucking world does he live in. Fucking hell. he's finally lost it.

    Media coverage:

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    1. Anonymous
      :thumb:Morrissey should stand for UKIP at the next election.
    2. Anonymous
    3. Uncleskinny
      You clearly have no idea about British politics. Calling Nigel Farage and George Galloway 'liberal educators' is going full Adolf. He's fucking nuts. And in the very next sentence - I can just about see the animal welfare point, but it comes over as a dig at a Muslim - Sadiq Khan. Whatever else you may think, he's gone full racist, and it fucking stinks.
    4. mcrickson
      The point about "looking after himself" as far as labels are concerned reads as though he has given more consideration to an independent release. I hope that's the case.
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    5. Anonymous
      Yeah, sure. Maybe you can continue to solve the problem by calling people cunts on twitter. That will do it, I'm sure.
    6. Anonymous
      I had that same thought. Can't agree with him much on American politics but that's ok. He does what he does best rather well so I'll take it. Would also love to hear that cover
    7. Uncleskinny

      And do go on about your knowledge of Farage and Galloway - we're all dying to hear.
    8. billybu69
      Only a cover of Elvis Presley’s A Fool Such As I. Is he taking the piss or does this exist? anyone got it?
    9. Anonymous
      He's the same as he ever was, saying the dumbest things for effect, covering shame with bravado and living in (not black) cloud-cuckoo-land. We're not remotely fooled.

      But you're right, the older he gets, the worse it gets. It's taking over Morrissey. He doesn't seem to be able to stop the racist rabble-rousing a**hole in himself.

      It's time to say something, Damon! Go on!

      "Yes. Sir. I have found this very nice shampoo that will make your hair look like there's a brain underneath. Neutrogena. Neutralizes defective genes. Makes your brain and your hair shiny and clean. Adolf swore by it."
    10. Anonymous
      Yet Islam isn't a race, it's a religion and people choose to follow it. So people are allowed to be critical of it and all religion.
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    11. chrisw
      I've read about it numerous times. Recorded as a b-side for a Strangeways single, but never released, and to my knowledge not leaked or bootlegged.

      I've always thought "I Keep Mine Hidden" sounded similar, so I've always assumed it was done around the same time.
    12. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      George Galloway is very popular in Scotland and I believe Nigel farage has a lot of support in engerland, are the millions of people who support these men also "nuts" have they gone "Adolf" and "full racist"? Or do they just have a opinion which differs from yours? And mine btw
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    13. Anonymous
      Of course not. But it's the easiest explanation for most people.
    14. Anonymous
      I don't know much about US politicians, but how about his support of Bernie Sanders - is that 'going the full Adolf' too?
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    15. g23
      I really hope you're right. I interpreted that quote as maybe, just maybe, he finally realizes that the old model no longer exists and to wait for it to return is an exercise in futility.
    16. Thewlis
      So FuckSkinny now has his own editorial space in the articles themselves, spreading his narrowminded, onedimensional views. What a laugh!

      Great set of questions and some elusive but also some interesting answers!
      A Fool Such As I on the setlist?
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    17. Anonymous
      I don't know the phrase going the full Adolfo but if you mean he's doubling down then yes he is but he's also wrong about the media coverage. Harvard even did a study, of course it may be rigged by those elitist bastards in academia, but Clinton by far received the most negative coverage according to them while sanders got a lot of attention a lot of it positive and trump of course received tons of attention as well. He for sure didn't lose because of media attention. If anything the medias continued focus on him after he lost dragged on Clinton
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    18. Anonymous
      When I dream of Nigel as PM, I visualize a lot of drunk people and tin foil hats. Now that doesn't sound crazy, you're right, just a lot of fun for a country to experience!
      Let's drink to the jolly good fellow who retired from politics to nurse a german beer and get his life with a sober German nurse back.*

      (*libelous/ xenophobic undertone)( can you see it when I do it? :) )

      I think it's the German nurse bit that turns Morrissey on. Of course in his dreams the nurse is called Moritz (the similarity in their names!).

      It's obvious M tried to go full Aryan with Damon but didn't quite hit the mark. Damon has no medical training, for one. What you want is someone who trained in a Bavarian institution, Morrissey. You know it. Why hide it.

      I bet Damon hates curry.
      It's not enough mate. You should do more for your master and your country. Prove your worth before Moritz waltzes in...


      -I could give a fast speaker in a halal shop a bad haircut on purpose?

      He's certainly trying very hard, gotta give him that.

    19. marred
      Full racist? Is there a middle ground?

      By the way Muslim is not a race. And since when are Muslims beyond criticism? And how is saying someone speaks too quickly a criticism?

      I picture you foaming at the mouth when Morrissey opens his.
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