Full great quality concert videos from good old days


Full great quality concert videos from smithstorrents and my vhs tapes, if you want to have dvds of the films, i recomment to download from smithstorrents rather than youtube, to keep the good quality.

Kill uncle - tour - special

4 October 1991
Hammersmith Odeon, London

Video is from Japanese tv- broadcast & excellent audio comes from radio broadcast

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Sister I'm A Poet
November Spawned A Monster
Pregnant For The Last Time
Alsatian Cousin
Interesting Drug
Mute Witness
My Love Life
Piccadilly Palare
Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Sing Your Life
The Loop
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
Disappointed (with Cosmic Dancer intro)
King Leer
/Our Frank
/Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
//Asian Rut

The rest are from TV

June 1, 1991 - In Concert
Sing Your Life
Mute Witness
Will Never Marry

June 7, 1991 - Request Video
Interview - Th'Lads
Soundcheck of Sing Your Life and There's a place in hell

June 14, 1991 - The Tonight Show
Sing Your Life
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends

10 September 1991 - Steve Vizard Show (Australia)
King Leer


92'- tv - performances


Wembley arena 95'


Maladjusted - tour - special

Lisebergshallen, Cothenburg, Sweden 1.12.97'

Audience recording
2-cam mix, very good video & audio quality

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Reader Meet Author
Spring-Heeled Jim
Alma Matters
Paint A Vulgar Picture
Dagenham Dave
Hold On To Your Friends
Roy's Keen
Satan Rejected My Soul
Now My Heart Is Full
Shoplifters Of The World Unite

97' - TV-Performances

Alma matters (19.8.97 - Late Show With David Letterman )
Roy's keen (5.9.97 - Top of the Pops)
Satan rejected my soul (19.12.97 - TFI Friday)

28 October 1997
Bren Events Center, Irvine, CA

OK quality, Moz in top form, my fave 97' video, even the quality isn't the best.

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Roy's Keen
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
The Boy Racer
Ambitious Outsiders

22 October 1997
Veterans's Memorial Coliseum, Arizona State Fair, Phoenix, AZ

Shoplifters of the world unite


26 November 1997
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

2-Cam mix, good video & audio quality

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Hold On To Your Friends
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
Ambitious Outsiders
Reader Meet Author
Alma Matters
Spring-Heeled Jim
Roy's Keen
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite
//Satan Rejected My Soul


December 10, 1997
Battersea Power Station
London, UK

From 1. generation vhs tape.
Good video & audio quality.

01. Intro (The Operation)
02. Do Your Best And Don't Worry
03. The Boy Racer
04. Billy Budd
05. Reader Meet Author
06. Paint A Vulgar Picture
07. Alma Matters
08. Ambitious Outsiders
09. Speedway
10. Trouble Loves Me
11. Spring-Heeled Jim
12. Now My Heart Is Full
13. Roy's Keen
14. Satan Rejected My Soul
15. Shoplifters Of The World Unite (encore)


Oye esteban - tour - special

Sao paulo, Brazil 4.4.2000

TV- broadcast, good quality

The Boy racer
Alma matters
Ouija board

October 9, 1999 - Coachella Festival - pro shot - excellent quality
November Spawned a Monster

Estadio Victor Jara, Santiago, Chile
28 March 2000

OK video quality, very good audio comes from radio broadcast.

Hairdresser On Fire
Alma Matters
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Now My Heart Is Full
The Boy Racer
Is It Really So Strange?
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
I Am Hated For Loving
Meat Is Murder
November Spawned A Monster
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
Billy Budd
Half A Person
Break Up The Family
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

29 February 2000
Beacon Theater, New York, NY

Very good video & sound quality

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
A Swallow On My Neck
I Can Have Both
Meat Is Murder


London forum first night 13.11.99'


London forum 15.11.99'


London forum 16.11.99'


Summersonic festival, Tokyo 18.8.2002

TV-Broadcast, excellent quality

I want the one i can't have
The First of the gang to die
Late night, maudlin street
The World is full of crashing bores
Meat is murder
November swawned a monster
There is a light that never goes out

Craig Kilborn show 12.9.2002
First of the gang to die
Everyday is like sunday


17/18 September 2002
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

This is a multi-sources mix of both nights, 5-cams altogether mix.
Decent audio, but video quality is very good.

I Want The One I Can't Have
Hairdresser On Fire
Little Man, What Now?
First Of The Gang To Die
Jack The Ripper
I Like You
Sister I'm A Poet
Alsatian Cousin
Everyday Is Like Sunday
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Meat Is Murder
Irish Blood, English Heart
Late Night, Maudlin Street
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Hand in glove (bradford 2002)


My filmings from the tour of refusal

1.-7. Hovet, Stockholm 24.6.2009
8.-16. Arena, Tampere 26.6.2009
17.-22. Cable factory, Helsinki 27.6.2009

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